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Sketch by Smallville Season 11 digital cover artist, Cat Staggs


Sunday, June 17th at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT, G2Factor will be talking SUPERMAN!  From our trip to Metropolis, IL for the Superman Celebration TO Superman vs Elite DVD TO Smallville Season 11 digital #7 TO exclusives while chatting with George Perez as he sketched our requests TO the latest in DCnU news.

We’re very excited about this show and the information we have.


Superman vs the Elite DVD released June 12, Tuesday. (Got your Action 775 digital yet? Only 99 cents)

Smallville Season 11 digital #7 June 15th, this Friday.

Smallville Season 11 digital #8 June 22nd, Friday

Superman #10 June 27th, Wednesday

Superman Family Adventures #2, Wednesday

Smallville Season 11 digital #9 June 29th, Friday

Smallville Season 11 print #3 July 4th, Wednesday

For those of you interested in finding out what happened after Superman & the Elite met in Action 775 (basis for Superman vs the Elite DVD), Comixology (any digital comic app) has the ENDING BATTLE on sale. Each of the 8 issues are 99 cents.  (cheaper than a trade paperback)  Sale ends Thursday, June 14th in the US at 11pm local time.  We highly recommend this story!

For the list of comics ENDING BATTLE entails (in reading order):

Superman v2 186

Adventures of Superman 608

Superman The Man of Steel 130

Action Comics v1 795

Superman v2 187

Adventures of Superman 609

Superman The Man of Steel 131

Action Comics v1 796

Join us for a rousing conversation about Superman, what happened, what might have been and what may happen.

Live chatroom and streaming available during show.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after show.



My eyes! My eyes! (Clark just read Morrison's Action)

Saturday, November 12 @ 6pm ET, G2Factor will be discussing our favorite Smallville Season 3 episodes.  SLUMBER, PERRY, WHISPER and a To Be Announced.  (Somebody smack Holli)

Last week we had more technical difficulties so if you weren’t privy to Action #3  (unlike poor Clark up there) and our conversation then here’s a link.  We have to warn you, it’s truncated so the entire comic and our opinions of it were not recorded.  Click here.

Let’s just say Gene Ha’s art was that book’s saving grace.

So this Saturday, we’ll be talking about the “uncredited” appearance of the Time Trapper, Perry White’s visit to the Kent farm, Welling rockin the glasses for the first time, and  . . . some other stuff.  Sound interesting?

Sidenote:  We have contacted talkshoe & are trying to see if we can get all technical difficulties resolved.

In DCnU news, Morrison will be only writing 20 pages of story (still for $3.99) until issue 8 which is the last issue of this Action arc.  Backup stories by other writers and artists will be on Steel and the Kents.  No first meeting between Superman and Lois Lane was mentioned.  But then the guy can only say two words to her in a Morrison story.  Don’t want any hint of domesticity, now do we?

Superman #3 will be drawn by Nicola Scott.  We’re very excited about that.  Superman is still $2.99 with 26 pages of story (with trains of thought that don’t jump off the tracks for no reason) and will be coming out November 23rd.  Issue 2 made #10 in October sales.  This story is a 6 issue arc.

Superman will be appearing in Supergirl #3 which goes on sale November 16th.

Hope to see you in our live chat or you can listen to the live streaming.  Downloads are available on talkshoe and iTunes after the show.




While Superman fights yet another monster with dubious origins (no, it’s not Grant Morrison, darnit), G2Factor will be talking about Superman #2.   THIS IS A SUPERMAN STORY!  And that’s a damn good thing.  George Perez and Jesus Merino give us more story in 25 pages then all the Action panels do in 40.

With one framed picture, Perez reveals how BS-Superman meets Lois Lane and she writes the story of the century.  All smiles and loving who they are is captured in that moment — and this is a prop that Lois shows to Clark Kent.  Oh yea, Clark Kent is in this book, too.  Not Harry Potter Clark either.  The real deal.

After reading this issue, I reread Superman #1 (which was the 5th best selling comic in September & got a 2nd printing this month).  There is a cohesive story going on.  So many clues to follow in the mystery of these monsters showing up in Metropolis.   We’re intrigued.

Watch Superman be the “damsel in distress” whom Lois assists in saving him and Metropolis.

Such a well constructed, written, drawn book!!!  A must read!  Full of heart and hope — a true Superman story.

So join us on Saturday, October 29th at 6 pm EDT.  G2Factor  has live chat room and streaming as well as downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!

G2Factor: Smallville Season TWO & DCnU news

Lineage? Ryan? Rosetta? Exodus?

Since we aren’t getting any Superman in the comics  this week & we don’t want to look at Rags Morales’ version of frumpy house frau Lois, we’re going to talk about something better.  SMALLVILLE!!!  Season Two.  (It comes after One — you see the pattern here?)  Yea, it’s been that kind of week.

If we’re lucky, maybe our friend Karin will give us some hot tips from the NYCC Comic Con.

Join us on talkshoe on our regular night, Saturday at 6 pm ET.

In case you missed our show last Sunday, listen to how we ask the burning question:

Should Grant Morrison be writing foundational Superman continuity?

Action #2 & DCnU news  and tiny Superman too!!!

Live streaming and chatroom available.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.  Aftershow.

Hope to see you there.


Morrison straps Superman down so Lex can talk even more!


Yep, we’re changing the day this week.  On October 9th at 6pm ET (5pm CT) G2Factor will be discussing the new Action #2.  Written by Grant Morrison with pencils by Rags Morales and additional pencils by Brent Anderson.   This issue featured behind the scene interviews with Morrison, Morales and Gene Ha, who will be doing the Kryptonian scenes in the next issue.

More get-the-red-out-needs-Visine guy AKA tortured Superman with a new power.  At least he talked to Lois.

Also we may even talk about DCU Online Legends #15.  Very sad issue.  Remember this deals with the previous incarnation of Superman.  He and Lois are married.

G2Factor is so excited.  A tiny celebrity will be joining us this week.  He’s a very special guest.

tiny Superman!

The latest sensation! He makes us smile.

He couldn’t have come at a better time.  He’s been saving Superman fans from the icky DCnU monster.  And has been inspiring hope with all he comes in contact.  A true Superman!!!

So remember we’re on Sunday this week!  Live streaming and chat.  Aftershow.  Downloads are available on iTunes and talkshoe.  So join us.


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