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Before listing the highlights of this week’s show on Sunday, let’s take a look at what happened in the past 10 days or so.

And what to our wondering minds did appear but a tweet from Lucas Siegel of Newsarama indicating he follows Holli and Chris.  But wait, there’s more!

@Newsarama 8:37 PM 19 Jul

I interviewed Scott today, got about 4 minutes just on Lois, just for you. 🙂    

@Newsarama 8:40 PM 19 Jul
 No joke, you two were literally mentioned when I was talking to him. Love your passion (and he did too).

(@names have been removed to protect the guilty)

On July 22nd, 2013, the interview appeared on Newsarama about Lois being a hero in Superman Unchained.  Here’s the shout out:

Nrama: Let me ask you this, there’s a large contingent of fans – I’m thinking of a couple in particular that I interact with on Twitter a lot – that really miss from the old universe, the Clark and Lois dynamic, and the way that she helped him in grounding him, in helping him stay “human.” You’ve promised in the past that you want to explore Lois more. What can you tell us to give them some hope?

Snyder: Lois is the second biggest character in the story, or maybe third behind the antagonist. Lois doesn’t just have a role, she has a crucial role in being an investigative reporter. Just as a tease, at the end of Unchained #2, for example, you see Lois is going down in a plane. The common wisdom and expectation is that Superman is going to come save her. But I want to do a Lois story where she is bad-ass and saves everybody else.

I promise when you open up #3, you’ll see there’s a lot of fun Lois stuff that starts there, where she is smarter than everybody around her. All I can say is, I really have no bones about saying to you: this is a huge Lois Lane story. I wouldn’t say that to you if it wasn’t. She has a crucial role in it that is much more than any tiny supporting role. She doesn’t need to be saved. She is the key to unraveling the mystery of Wraith, of Ascension, of everything.

He couldn’t do it without her. I promise you, a lot of Lois and important Lois, and I love writing her.

There are other books, obviously, that will focus on the Superman/Wonder Woman connection and I’m excited about those, but that’s not in my book. I’m not exploring that. This is about the relationship of Superman and Lois. So if that’s what you’ve been missing, come check it out, because it’s in there.

Nrama: Cue the squee!

Snyder: It’s true! My favorite panel of issue 3 is Lois… I don’t want to give it away, I don’t want to explain it too much, I want you guys to see it. But Lois is bad-ass. She’s doing something here and everyone around her is like “what the hell are you doing?” and she just says, “Quiet, I know what I’m doing.” It’s a very “go Lois!” moment. The pilot is even begging her to call Superman and she just says like, “Superman has more important sh** to do. I can handle this.”

That’s what I want. Lois is a hero, and you have to show that.

Thanks to Lucas, Newsarama and Scott Snyder for giving us hope, just like the real Superman.

We have to give credit where credit is due.  Chris is our Communications Director.  She has gotten several ‘scoops’ and continues to do so.   She is the good cop.  Holli is more of the railing against the machine ‘cop.’  😉    Tasha is our Evil Master Genius and a Superman Expert.  Kimmie is our All Things Film and Music as well as a complete Man of Steel fanatic.

Speaking of Scott Snyder, we’re hoping he will be at the Baltimore Comic Con because we want to meet him!  Here’s a few reasons why from interviews about Superman Unchained:

“I’ve tried to put everything that I can into it that I want to explore, about Superman the things that make him the most heroic of characters and the stuff that makes him vulnerable.”

She [Lois] plays a pivotal role in Unchained, too, Snyder says. She and Superman (as Clark Kent) “always have the romantic tension, but at the same time they share an incredibly deep admiration. That is the relationship I’m looking to explore, and you’ll see a parallel between what’s happening in each of their stories and how they inspire each other at different moments.”

“Batman has a different dynamic with his supporting cast in general, but Superman — both as Clark and Superman — is someone who inspires openly and wears his heart on his sleeve in a lot of ways,” Snyder explains. “He’s a leader, but he can both make fun of himself as Clark and also take people to task and throw good one-liners in there, too.”

– above from June 10, 2013 interview in USA Today 

…because they do have a connection, Superman and Lois. And that will never go away. But mostly I wanted to do a book where Lois had a big part because she inspires Superman so tremendously. She’s kind of his human counterpart. She’s always trying to do the right thing and pursue the truth even if there is great peril to herself. They have a connection that goes beyond the fact they want to hook-up or get together, which they do want to, but also they have a deep admiration for each other and that’s part of what the story is about. Lois has a big investigative journalism plot which plays a key role in every issue.

Buzzfeed interview June 7, 2013

Here’s our show from July 28th on talkshoe.  Also available on iTunes


So THIS Sunday join us on talkshoe at 5pmET/4pmCT as we discuss Smallville Season 11 #58, OLYMPUS, and the Adventures of Superman #14.


Also on the docket is Superman Annual #2 — our thoughts about the treatment of Lois Lane in the new 52.  The good, the bad, and, hate to say it, but the ugly.

Remember live chat room and streaming during the show.  Downloads availble on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Don’t miss out!




One of the best Superman arcs in the new 52.  (There haven’t been that many.)

G2Factor reviewed Action 19 through Action 21 along with other assorted books.  What could have been with this dynamic creative team of Andy Diggle and Tony S. Daniel!

PLUS — we covered all Man of Steel news and are highly anticipating its opening this Friday, June 14th in the US.

Be sure to listen to our MAN OF STEEL SPECIAL + Superman Unchained #1 this Sunday, June 16th at 5pm EDT/ 4pm CDT.   Also, we will be talking about the incredible out of continuity, digital first books:  Smallville Season 11 and Adventures of Superman.


Action 19

Action 20

Action 21


Action 19
Action 20

Action 21



Sunday, March 10th at 5pmET/4pmCT G2Factor will review Superman Family Adventures #10, Smallville Season 11 digital firsts #35 & #36, and Superman 17.   Also some comments regarding Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Sorry about the impromptu cancellation last week.

More DCU news with new comic books about Superman appearing in June and also some children books based on the Man of Steel movie.

For those who are joining in on the Lois Lane watch:  check out a few panels in Superman Family Adventures #10.  That’s the only one.

Join us in the live chatroom or via live streaming.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.



Today (January 20th) at 5pmET/4pmCT G2Factor will discuss Smallville Season 11 #30, chapter 5 of HAUNTED. Lex, Clark, Bart, Lois, and Black Flash — still as exciting and emotional as ever.  This book delivers each and every week.

Also on the roster:

Superboy#16 mention

Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 (and how it affects Superman’s image & mythos)

Cancelling Superman Family Adventures in April.

Earthward — Bryan Q. Miller’s Kickstarter

DC finally admits Scott Snyder’s book will be called “Man of Steel”

What exactly is happening in the DC Comics offices?  What do rumors tell us?

And what happened to the Trinity War?

Live streaming and chat during the show.  Downloads available after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.




Sunday, January 13th at 5pmET/4pmCT, G2Factor will discuss Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville Season 11 #29 and Grant Morrison’s Action #16.

Bryan has given us some great action, mystery, and humor in this third episode of Smallville Season 11.  Remember this book is digital-first and can be downloaded each and every Friday.

Grant Morrison collides time and subplots at break neck speed (literally).  His penultimate issue begins to finally weave together, but he hasn’t filled in all the holes yet.

Live chat room and streaming available during the show.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Come and enjoy the fun!



Sunday, January 6th at 5pmET/4pmCT, G2Factor will discuss Superman Family Adventures #8, Smallville Season 11 #28, and Superman #15.  Plus some preview pages of Action #16.

Lots to talk about and to enjoy!  Good to see George Perez’s villains from the initial issues of new 52 Superman in Superman Family Adventures.  J’onn Jonzz and Batman appear in Smallville Season 11’s EFFIGY in its debut chapter.  And Superman gave us Lex Luthor and the appearance of the Justice League.  It was a Lois-less and Clark-less week in the Superman stories.

Hope you’ll join us in the live chat room or on live streaming.  Downloads after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.



SUNDAY, December 2nd at 5pmET/4pmCT, G2Factor will be discussing three versions of Superman.  Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville Season 11 digital #24, Superman Family Adventures #7 by Baltazar and Franco, and the new 52 Superman #14 by Scott Lobdell.

Lots of stuff going on this week within the panels and behind the scenes.  The new 52 still remains a war zone on all fronts which is getting tiresome.  The fauxmance bullship is destructive not only to icons but to fanbases as well.

A beacon of hope on the very first page of Superman #14 though.  Which we will hold on tightly to through these dark and dreary embattled months ahead.

Thank God! for Smallville Season 11 and Superman Family Adventures, the only two books about Superman, G2Factor recommends being on your pull lists.  Support these books as they are a joy to read.

Live chatroom and streaming during show.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Hope to see you there!

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