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Out with the old . . .

Superman #1 (v3) came out this week.  Written by George Perez with art by Jesus Merino.  Set in present DCnU time, Clark has been in Metropolis for 5.5 years but apparently hasn’t inspired the citizenry of Metropolis or dated Lois Lane.   Many aspects of this book were better than Action, but this reboot leaves a whole lot to be desired even if we’ve only seen the first issues.

G2Factor will discuss this issue and how the DCnU is going generally.  Plus we may toss in some comments regarding the 1998 Superman 2000 pitch which has played out in different Superman stories and Spiderman stories.

We have questions.  Is DC so callous as to rip away Superman’s marriage and iconic relationship with Lois Lane and not give us any relationship at all, even after these characters have been in the same city for 5.5 years?   We’re still not sure Lois has met Clark or Superman in Action and we saw no interaction between Lois and Superman in this issue.  Clark is a character with great heart, unfortunately we are not seeing that in this DCnU Superman.  He seems petulant even after 5 years of saves in Metropolis.  Has he not matured?  No lessons learned?

What is Superman’s motivation or inspiration if he has no heart for people or Lois Lane in particular?  Being edgy all the time gets boring after a while.

Introducing new readers to this DCnU Superman may be fine and dandy for sales initially, but can loyal buying fans of the character keep swallowing this bitter pill of changes?  Especially when DC has gone out of its way to destroy the Kent marriage, Clark’s heart, Ma & Pa Kent and the Daily Planet?  Was sacrificing Clark’s hope and inspiration on the altar of new readers really a wise decision?

Join us October 1st at 6pm ET on talkshoe as we ask these and other questions.  Live streaming and chat.  Aftershow.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.




The Original - Siegel & Shuster

Join us on Saturday, September 10th as we discuss the classic 1938 Action Comics #1, the issue that started a multi million dollar industry and America’s most recognizable icon worldwide.

We will compare it to Grant Morrison’s 2011 version seeing how their tone, stories, and characters are similar and different.  Are current times indicative of the late 30’s?  Does the history of the Superman character since that time demand some acknowledgement?

Is Superman more than an alien with superpowers and a secret identity?

Does he catalyst people to aspire to be better than they are?  To be all that they can be?

Is cynicism a valid portrayal of maturity?

Does might make right?  Should that question be brought up in a story involving Clark Kent?

DCnU version

Should Lex Luthor be drinking hyper caffeine drinks?

Lois Lane, has she met Superman face to face? Has she met Clark Kent face to face?

Jimmy Olsen is now friends with Clark but not Superman?

Is General Sam Lane like his Post Crisis self or more like his Ironside/Flashpoint self?

And who is this mystery woman that the DCnU has appearing in multiple #1 issues? Did you spot her?

Swamp Thing #1n

And why are we talking about Swamp Thing #1?

Despite the fact Dan Didio said there would be no crossovers, Superman complete with Kryptonian armor shows up to speak to Alec Holland.

Yes, the mystery woman shows up in it, too

Press on this link G2Factor and check out the live streaming and chat.  Downloads on talkshoe & iTunes after the show.


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