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Join us on Saturday, August 27th at 6pm EDT while we discuss Action 904, DCU Online Legends 14, Flashpoint Lois Lane & the Resistance 3, Flashpoint Project Superman 3, Superman Beyond 0, and Retroactive Superman 1990s. LOTS to talk about!!!

Really rough week for Lois Lane fans. She dies in two comics, is already dead in another and loses her husband after this week. It appears DC has made her carrion for Superman to save the world 24/7 in the DCnU. And what about Clark? Where the hell is he?

More DC news regarding Rags Morales’ blog, Flashpoint and the beginning of the DCnU next week.  It should be lively or deadly, we can’t decide which yet.

Click on G2Factor to participate in live streaming or chatroom. Aftershow. Downloads on talkshoe and iTunes.

Also check out the last issue of OSCK magazine. Much thanks to Erika and Kate for coordinating it. And many thanks to Christine, the idea gal.  G2 FACTOR got a mention!



Grant Morrison's All Star Superman is now an animated movie.

In preparation for the new Action #1 in September, G2Factor will be taking a look at the comic book series and the animated film of All Star Superman.  What can we derive from this Silver Age themed tale in the Golden Age researched story to come in the DCnU?  You can visit introtosuperman for more information regarding this story.

Where does Joker get his giant mallets?

We’ll also be discussing Superman Batman #87, the last of that title for an undisclosed period of time.  See how Clark Kent deals with the Joker and keeping Batman’s and his own secret identity in tact.  This title often was outside continuity and during the last three years was the only place to find the Kent marriage involved.  That will no longer be the case next month since the marriage, amongst other things, is getting shoved into a void to make way for the new DCnU.

Join us on Saturday, August 20th at 6pm EDT as we dissect these stories and news regarding Superman and some of his DCU friends on the G2Factor on talkshoe.  Live streaming and chatroom are available.  Also an aftershow.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after completion of show.

Hope to see you there.


G2FACTOR: Lois Lane is Back to the Future

Lois goes to a future. Meets a very different Superman.

Lois goes to the future. Meets a very different Clark.

Whether it’s via Kryptonian technology based on the Phantom Zone Projector or a Legion ring, Lois Lane time travelling teaches us one constant, the Man of Steel is lost without her.

Saturday, August 13th at 6pm EDT, G2 Factor examines the simple intricacies of this iconic relationship.

We’re very happy to be reviewing Superman:  The Animated Series’ BRAVE NEW METROPOLIS and Smallville’s season 9 episode, PANDORA.  If you’ve ever read Superman’s FOR TOMORROW series in the comics, you will recognize Jim Lee’s amazing art come to life.

Join us at G2Factor on talkshoe.

No matter  what age of the story or whether or not Lois knows the secret, her life affects Clark Kent/Superman like no other.  She is as much a part of his complete characterization as his dual identities.  In September, Clark and Lois lose their marriage in comics continuity.  We have not seen very much reverence for this status quo change in the last few books of Post Crisis.

We do know that Clark and Lois are in each other’s orbit in the DCnU’s Superman books authored by George Perez.  Grant Morrison, who is writing Action Comics, has not really given us anything definite regarding Clark/Superman meeting Lois in his first issue.   We hope that he does include, at the very least, a meeting between Lois and his Bruce Springsteen Superman.   In the 1938 issue, we saw Clark asking Lois out for a date in their very first panel together and she met Superman that evening when he saved her from mobsters.

Flashpoint has only given us glimpses (literally) of ‘Subject One’ outside his books or Flashpoint #3.  Lois Lane was barely in her second Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance book.   How this Flashpoint series will affect the Action comics or Superman comics of the future is uncertain.   Superman appears to be taking the brunt of this change with the interment of his marriage and return to his first days in Metropolis.  (On the flipside, Batman has an internment program going with multiple Robins over a five year period.)

Live chat room and streaming during show.  Possible aftershow.  Downloads available on talkshoe and iTunes.

Hope to see you there!

G2FACTOR: Superman #714 The Beginning of the End of an Era

Saturday, August 6 at 6pm ET, G2Factor will say good bye to the first of the comics that had the Kent marriage in continuity.  Clark is speeding towards Seattle as the mystery woman (a Mary Sue character) has Lois by knifepoint.  This is the same situation Lois is experiencing in Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance.  Coincidence?

Will DC mark the end of an era and Superman v3?  Will there be a tribute to the strong marriage of Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman?

Also on sale this week is Flashpoint #4 featuring the Marvel family and World of Flashpoint #3.

Join us in the live chat room or listen through live streaming.  Possible aftershow.  Downloads are available on talkshoe or iTunes after the show.


Kal-El, government test subject

July 27th pick up Flashpoint Project Superman #2.  General Sam Lane thinks of Kal-El as more than a specimen.  Also on sale on Wednesday is Lois Lane and the Resistance #2 and Action 903.

G2Factor will be discussing these comics on Saturday, July 30th at 6 pm ET.  Also more on the Superman Reboot.

Only one more month of comics that may or may not address the Kent marriage.  During Comic Con we found out our OTP were not the only victims of Marriage Wipeout Syndrome.  Except for Animal Man (Morrison would probably quit if they touched his precious.) every other married couple will be without spouse or they’ve completely disappeared from the DC storytelling horizon (Wally West).  Matrimony and females are icky apparently in the DC comic book mentality.

Check out last Saturday’s G2Factor show about the Reboot.  Live streaming and chatroom available with downloads on talkshoe or iTunes.

G2Factor is compromised mostly of  female Superman fans.  We read comics!  We are artists and storytellers.  Don’t forget about us, DC.  Our money is just as good as 14 to 34 year old males.


DC Comics surprised us this week with Flashpoint #3: Project Superman Revealed.  We’re very excited about this issue.  (Find out what Geoff Johns did to Krypto!  Bad Geoff!)

What did they do to Baby Kal-El?

Also, we will be discussing comic book stories that appeal to us.  The Search for Kryptonite from Superman/Batman and elseworlds such as Speeding Bullets and Superman Monster to name a few.

So join us on Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 6 pm ET at G2Factor.  We’re on talkshoe and that allows us to have live streaming and chat as well as downloads from talkshoe and iTunes.  We usually have an after show so stick around to talk to us.

Thanks to all our regulars!  We truly appreciate you.

Tom and Eric are hot!

Superman in the Comics (or Not in Them)

Op Ed by Holli

From Superman Batman #76 where the marriage still thrived periodically

I am no longer going to worry about the lawsuits since there is a difference between US copyright and international trademark laws. DC would not lose rights to the international trademarks. I just hope that both parties come to an amicable agreement so we can continue consuming products of this American icon. Be grownups, people, and do what is right. It’s what Superman would do.

So let’s talk about what DC has been giving us in way of Superman stories over the past few years. Apparently these books have warranted a revamp of the original superhero for DC’s relaunch. Not our fault!

DC, you’ve already tortured us with year long arcs that have nothing to do with the character who has a dual identity and a home life. This is the guy we’ve related to for over seventy years. Not Kal-El living with 100,000 Kryptonians who we know will die anyway because that would totally take away his uniqueness on Earth. And not the guy who never communicates with his wife, Lois Lane, or his mother or the people at the Daily Planet. And certainly not the guy walking across America while mind controlled in a cape and tights. We’ve had no enlightenment regarding the character or how he feels about his adopted country or planet or the people he left behind. Give us back Clark Kent and the real Superman. Give us back the guy who fights for the things he loves, his adopted country, planet, city and his wife, Lois Lane. Although they have been married for 15 years now, we’ve only seen about 12 years of married life since Clark/Superman/Kal-El or whatever they’re calling him now has been off planet or grounded. I believe the current writers haven’t done the marriage justice at all. Do they think marriage is passe’? Do they think superheros shouldn’t love or work from their hearts in order to be an inspiring light of hope for people instead of a to-be-feared creature of the night? Does anyone at DC really understand the Superman character at all?

Now DC is telling us they need to revamp Superman’s story because, y’know . . . he’s not Batman. Superman isn’t as cool as Batman or at least that appears to be the editorial attitude. Just look at how many Batman related books there are . . now compare them to the number of Superman books. They’re even dialing back the odometer on Action! What the hell is that? BTW, Superman was yanked from Action for almost two years to make way for Mon-El and Lex Luthor with a cyborg Lois and everybody else’s villains making appearances. Yea, creative. Where’s Superman?

In Action 900, David S. Goyer, who is writing/wrote the Man of Steel movie script, had Superman contemplating renouncing his American citizenship. Yep, not only is marriage passe’ apparently but also being an American. Chris Roberson in the Superman books gave us back the guy who loves America and what it means. Thanks, Chris!

Next week we will see how DC will prepare us for Action #1 and Superman #1 in September. Flashpoint: Project Superman. It appears we still won’t have our Clark Kent back since his ship crashes into Metropolis instead of Smallville at the Kent’s feet. Can you say clones & government intervention into alien life forms? Oh joy. That still means no Kents, no Daily Planet and no Lois Lane affiliations. Yea, it’s edgy alright.

So Shakespeare. . .oops, Grant Morrison is writing Action #1 and as anyone who has been reading comics for the last decade can tell you. Once Morrison is done with a book, it takes a nose dive. Every character’s books of the 52 in the relaunch has some kind of information regarding what we can expect – EXCEPT for Superman. Telling those potential new readers that Grant Morrison is writing Superman’s story is like telling a three year old what Bono’s real name is. They don’t know and they don’t care. Just read them the Little Prince or Dr. Seuss so they can get into the story.

DC, WRITE GREAT STORIES. Quit trying to fix something that wasn’t broke until you decided to “get creative or energized or edgy.” If you can’t find someone who adores Superman and understands his story inside out – then GO FIND THEM!  He has fans out here who are willing to read good stories about him – and tell all their friends who have never picked up a comic that they should.

Comic fans, be prepared for Superman Batman to go back to the past where they initially team up in a three issue arc before September. At present, there is no Superman Batman #1 coming out. Superman fans adore this book since it has given us great stories over the past three years which we relished because Action and Superman were . . .boring. That’s it, DC, take away something comic readers loved so you can get new readers with your gimmick. Really? Hopefully Superman Batman will return later on – it does have Batman in it and God forbid they’d ever cancel a Batman book. Oy!

On a brighter note, can’t wait to read Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance!  It’s about time this character got some limelight. .. well, hopefully she will. Everyone with half a brain knows that she and whatever form Superman takes will hook up eventually even though they have separate books. It’s because Lois is so fantastic a human being and reporter. She fights the good fight without superpowers or gadgets and inspires Clark/Superman.

My list of things I want from DC is not that long or unreasonable. 1. CLARK ‘FREAKIN’ KENT!  2. Working at the Daily Planet as a mild mannered reporter. 3. Superman protecting Metropolis and the world. 4. Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman STILL MARRIED – don’t wimp out on us, DC. 5. Write strong characters that drive the plots for this unique character and his loved ones.

Superman fans love stories about hope, love, truth and justice. We’re not afraid of a bump in the road, but don’t have us wait at the rest stop for the highway to be built. Waiting for OUR Superman is OVER!  Patience is a virtue – it shouldn’t be mandatory in order to read GREAT Superman stories.

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