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Yes, weddingS. There have been a few over the comic ages between Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane. Our discussion on Sat June 18th @ 6 pm ET will include Action #484 (Golden Age/Earth 2), the Wedding Album from 1996 (Modern Age), Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman, and Smallville.

Action #484 where Earth 2 Clark & Lois wed twice

Both Action #484 and Smallville have TWO weddings each. Think KRYPTONIAN.

In 1993, DC Comics had to ditch their wedding plans as the Lois and Clark television show was just about to air. It was decided to wait until they could marry the iconic couple both on television and in comics simultaneously. This sparked the birth of Doomsday and the Death of Superman. In 1996, the modern world released a bated breath, when Clark and Lois FINALLY wed in continuity.

The Wedding Album cover was reminiscent of the Beatles' White Album.

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