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SUNDAY! July 1st at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT G2Factor will discuss Smallville Season 11 digital #9, Superman Family Adventures #2, Superman #10, and Justice League #10.  

Whole lotta Superman going on?  Maybe . . . maybe not.  It will take four books to find out.  Daunting?  Probably, but then we love the Big Blue Boy Scout so we don’t care.

Join us in the live chatroom or on live streaming.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Don’t forget to start your pull list for Smallville Season 11 at a comic book selling store (local or web).  Order numbers are the measure of whether or not a print comic does well or not.  If you want the best version of Superman from DC Comics, then support this book any way you can.  It’s a bargain with 30-36 pages of story plus episode guide for $3.99.  You don’t get that with other DC Comics books.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 4TH — Light your fireworks and get your copy of Smallville Season 11 print #3.  If you don’t have a pull list (and get your comics handed to you), look for the first cover above with Superman and Lois.

Other Important Dates:

No Smallville Season 11 digital on July 6th.

July 13th – Friday the 13th, a lucky day for Smallville Season 11 digital #10

July 20th – Friday, Smallville Season 11 digital #11

July 25th – Wednesday, Superman #11 and Superman Family Adventures #3

July 27th – Friday, Smallville Season 11 digital #12

August 1 – Wednesday, Smallville Season 11 print #4, the episode GUARDIAN’s final book.

Hope to see you Sunday!



SUNDAY!  June 3rd at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT, G2Factor will talk about the premiere print issue of Superman Family Adventures AND the digital-first Smallville Season 11 #6.

Superman Family Adventures is for EVERYONE (including grownups or forever-kids).  Like Smallville Season 11, this comic written by Art Baltazar with art by Franco brings back the joy of reading comics.  This former Tiny Titans team gives you a good time.  Buy this book!  It’s for you, the munchkins in your life, and even for your pets.  Lex Luthor, the greatest criminal mind of our time, is present and he’s intimidating the citizenry of Metropolis.  Sounds like a job for . . . . .SUPERMAN!

Action packed Smallville Season 11 digital #6 will give you the thrills of Clark Kent being Superman while unveiling more of the newly conscious Lex Luthor’s evil master plans for Hank Henshaw, Superman, and the world.   If you haven’t gotten this digital download yet, you’re truly missing out.  Bryan Q. Miller is catapulting us through this story making us scream for more!  Pere Perez’s art captures the action, facial expressions and vivid emotions Smallville fans are used to on their television screens.  Readers have said they wished this chapter was done in live action — it’s just that good!

Wednesday, June 6th, get Chapters 4-6 of GUARDIAN of Smallville Season 11 (#2) in print.  It’s important the print version of this book is successful as these numbers are an important measure in the comics world.  At $3.99, you get at least 36 pages of story (more than any other monthly comic) and the continuation of the Smallville television series episode guide.  More bang for your buck.

We’re very excited about these books.  Join us on Sunday on live chat or streaming or download the show on iTunes or talkshoe.

For those of you who have no experience in trawling through boxes of back issues at comic shops, Action #775, What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? is now available in digital on your comics apps or comixology.com website.  Written by Joe Kelly, it’s the basis for June 12’s animated DVD Superman vs. the Elite.  A one-shot comic, you’ll enjoy how relevant this story is NOW as it was then.  Superman is a true blue hero in a world of anti-heroes.


This is the variant cover — and no, you don’t see this scene in the issue.  Wish we had.

SATURDAY!!! January 7th at 6 pm ET/5 pm CT G2Factor will discuss Grant Morrison’s Action Comic #5.  This non-linear issue gives us several timelines to contend with.  Most precious and dear is the House of El during the destruction of Krypton.  Many familiar elements are present and with Andy Kubert’s pencils, reading it was smooth.   Jonathan Kent especially reminded us of Smallville’s handsome John Schneider Pa Kent.

Sholly Fisch gave us a back story about Jonathan and Martha Kent.  This is where we see the hope and faith that is so important to a Superman story.

And why is present day Superman going back in time?

Join us on Saturday as we try to figure it all out.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.


The REAL star of Season 4, SHELBY!

SATURDAY, December 17th at 6pm ET/5pm CT, G2Factor will talk more about their favorite episodes of Smallville Season 4.


Season 4 brought many mythos characters into the Smallville realm.  LOIS LANE, GENERAL LANE, BART ALLEN aka Impulse/The Flash, a really bad version of Mister MXYZPTLK, a character named after comic writer GEOFF JOHNS, Shelby the dog as KRYPTO, LUCY LANE, and a glimpse of the formulation of the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE.  Truly Season 4 was one of the best of the series.

Some news about the SUPERMAN comic when they switch writers in March, 2012.  Dan Jurgens, creator of Doomsday and Booster Gold, was one of the creators when the Clark and Lois relationship heated up and they got married after 58 years of ‘dating’.  Keith Giffen, creator of Ambush Bug (don’t ask), also is very familiar with the 90s version of the Man of Steel.

Join us in our live chatroom, listen to the live streaming or download on talkshoe or iTunes.  Possible aftershow.

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