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In Superman Family comics #211 (1981).

TDKR fans may find these panels interesting and an addition to some of the lines within the film.

Mr. and Mrs. Superman (Clark Kent and Lois Lane) receive an invitation.

With the addition of marriage, heroes have more inner conflict and more layers of story and character to present.


Bruce and Selina!!!

The reception.  The Kents are on a story as well.

A secret revealed.

Bruce and Selina Wayne had a daughter, Helena, who later became The Huntress (whose origin was revived for the new 52, second wave).

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SUNDAY, March 11th at 5pm ET/4pmCT, G2Factor will be discussing this penultimate issue of Grant Morrison’s Action initial story arc.

For those of you who haven’t read Superman #6, you might want to since it explains A LOT of what is going on in Action #7.  Morrison’s version is the attention deficit disorder, acid trip while Perez’s style succeeds in character origins and plot used as a way to show character growth.   Apparently, readers are to examine closely Morales’ art for clues into what’s happening or might be happening.  If it wasn’t so damn ugly the majority of the time, it would probably be a more satisfying story.

Superman reappeared in DCU Online Legends’ penultimate issue.  Still a possibility that Lois may return to live again along with the other dead JLA members.  BTW, Marv Wolfman did not write the issue where Lois died (#14).

Superman also showed up in Dan Didio’s OMAC book.  Mostly used as a drive-by plot reference.  Apparently there is dating in the OMAC book, but the Co-Publisher won’t allow Clark and Lois to date since he sent the continuity marriage into a black hole of DC history along with their previous Earth 2 marriage.

Possibly more about James Robinson’s Earth 2, but it’s probably not worth our time since it involves yet another Superman we won’t recognize.  And there’s no Lois.  She’s used as  plot device to make our hero miserable and upset (can’t say dark & angry).   This ‘different’ Superman doesn’t sound like one we would enjoy.  And how is a Superman without Lois Lane involvement a different concept in the new 52?  It boggles the mind.

We’ll explore more helpful hints on how to get your Smallville Season 11 digital first comic on April 13th, a Friday.  We all have different devices so we’re checking the ins and outs of making those WEEKLY purchases.  That includes tips for international fans as well.

Things are revving up for Free Comic Book day (May 5th) and Superman Family Adventures (May 30th).  BUT FIRST, May 2nd, a Wednesday, the compilation print version of Smallville Season 11 will hit your local comic book shop.  BE THERE!  They could be sold out by Free Comic Book Day that following Saturday.

Smallville Season 11 sales both digital and print should be so mind boggling that DC will have no other choice but to brag on them and FINALLY release those digital sales statistics.  We know Smallville fans can do it.  So spread the word.  Maybe even convert some Superman fans to this version of our hero.

Join us Sunday, March 11th, either in the chatroom or on live streaming.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


SUNDAY!  February 12th at 5pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will be covering the Death of Superman, 1992 – 1993.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane were engaged in 1990.  A couple of years later, the comic writers were planning a wedding.  These plans were POSTPONED due to the future airing of the Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman television series beginning on September 12, 1993.   It was decided that the couple would marry when it could be done both in the comics and on the television show (which would mean waiting a few more years).  What to do?  A year’s worth of plans had to be scrapped.  Jerry Ordway had the answer, “Let’s just kill ‘im.”  Something he said at the beginning of every annual planning session.   This time the writers were so frustrated by the postponement, they agreed.  Let’s just kill Superman.

At that time, Superman had four books a month.  The Death of Superman spans nearly eleven weeks of comics.

In the future, G2Factor will also be covering the subsequent events of Superman’s death.  Funeral for a Friend (A World Without Superman) with 9 issues will follow.

The Superman titles were put on a hiatus for three months before the Return of Superman (or Reign of the Supermen) involving 28 issues which will end this epic moment in comic history.


With the ending of Smallville, the ten year television series, fans wanted more, but careened into the DC reboot of their hero.  However, on February 9th, 2012, Smallville fans were happy to learn former story editor and writer for the show, Bryan Q. Miller (writer of Batgirl, Stephanie Brown comics pre-new 52) would be penning a Smallville Season 11 WEEKLY comic book series picking up 6 months after the Finale.   So tell your mother and your brother, your sister and your cousins, your daddy and your besties to download this electronic comic when it becomes available in April.  A print version of the four previous weeks will be available in May, just one year after the final episode of Smallville aired. It will also include an ‘episode’ guide.   The season premiere ‘episode’ of the comics will run 12 issues long and will have a one word title, just like the show.

G2Factor will cover each weekly issue as well as our favorite Superman stories, be they new 52 or not.

So join us as we discuss the Death of Superman on Sunday on talkshoe.  Live streaming and chat room available.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


SUNDAY, January 29th at 5pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will talk about this penultimate issue of George Perez’s story arc.  Great cliffhanger at the end to make us excited for Superman #6.  Hopefully some things will be resolved.

What is up with the bugs?  Bugs in Action Comics in Superman’s past and now bugs in his present.  Apparently there will be even more bugs in his future when Giffen and Jurgens take over writing and drawing the Superman comic.

G2Factor would like to encourage listeners to find a local comic shop (if you haven’t already) and buy back issues of Superman’s story.  Find out when your LCS has sales on their back issues.  You may find you can get some great comics for pennies on the dollar.  Why would you want to buy old comic books?  Because you just might find the Superman/Clark Kent you’ve always loved.

Live chatroom and live streaming available.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Superman also appeared in Justice League #5 this week.  We’ll talk a bit about that, too.  As well as . . . DCnU news!!!  Most of it bad with a glimmer of hope (with some fanwanking, maybe).  The more we hear about editorial, the worse it gets.  Does DC stand for Disinformation Central?

Talk should be lively.



Morrison straps Superman down so Lex can talk even more!


Yep, we’re changing the day this week.  On October 9th at 6pm ET (5pm CT) G2Factor will be discussing the new Action #2.  Written by Grant Morrison with pencils by Rags Morales and additional pencils by Brent Anderson.   This issue featured behind the scene interviews with Morrison, Morales and Gene Ha, who will be doing the Kryptonian scenes in the next issue.

More get-the-red-out-needs-Visine guy AKA tortured Superman with a new power.  At least he talked to Lois.

Also we may even talk about DCU Online Legends #15.  Very sad issue.  Remember this deals with the previous incarnation of Superman.  He and Lois are married.

G2Factor is so excited.  A tiny celebrity will be joining us this week.  He’s a very special guest.

tiny Superman!

The latest sensation! He makes us smile.

He couldn’t have come at a better time.  He’s been saving Superman fans from the icky DCnU monster.  And has been inspiring hope with all he comes in contact.  A true Superman!!!

So remember we’re on Sunday this week!  Live streaming and chat.  Aftershow.  Downloads are available on iTunes and talkshoe.  So join us.



Out with the old . . .

Superman #1 (v3) came out this week.  Written by George Perez with art by Jesus Merino.  Set in present DCnU time, Clark has been in Metropolis for 5.5 years but apparently hasn’t inspired the citizenry of Metropolis or dated Lois Lane.   Many aspects of this book were better than Action, but this reboot leaves a whole lot to be desired even if we’ve only seen the first issues.

G2Factor will discuss this issue and how the DCnU is going generally.  Plus we may toss in some comments regarding the 1998 Superman 2000 pitch which has played out in different Superman stories and Spiderman stories.

We have questions.  Is DC so callous as to rip away Superman’s marriage and iconic relationship with Lois Lane and not give us any relationship at all, even after these characters have been in the same city for 5.5 years?   We’re still not sure Lois has met Clark or Superman in Action and we saw no interaction between Lois and Superman in this issue.  Clark is a character with great heart, unfortunately we are not seeing that in this DCnU Superman.  He seems petulant even after 5 years of saves in Metropolis.  Has he not matured?  No lessons learned?

What is Superman’s motivation or inspiration if he has no heart for people or Lois Lane in particular?  Being edgy all the time gets boring after a while.

Introducing new readers to this DCnU Superman may be fine and dandy for sales initially, but can loyal buying fans of the character keep swallowing this bitter pill of changes?  Especially when DC has gone out of its way to destroy the Kent marriage, Clark’s heart, Ma & Pa Kent and the Daily Planet?  Was sacrificing Clark’s hope and inspiration on the altar of new readers really a wise decision?

Join us October 1st at 6pm ET on talkshoe as we ask these and other questions.  Live streaming and chat.  Aftershow.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.



Best thing about Season One


Infamous words which took on many meanings over the ten year history about the early days of Post Crisis Clark Kent.

Saturday, September 24th @ 6pm EDT,  G2Factor will select our favorite (or not) episodes from Season One of Smallville.

We will also talk about this week’s latest comics and what may be happening with our beloved Superman family in the DCnU.

In case you missed any of our Season 10 discussions, here are a few links:










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