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On Saturday, April 19, G2HARDCORE talked about the difficult and controversial subjects regarding comic books, comic book fandom and the comic book industry:

Why do some males threaten violence towards females when they express an opinion? Especially on the internet and especially about comic books.

Why fans should keep the pressure on Jim Lee to finish SUPERMAN UNCHAINED?  Don’t let history repeat itself.

MAY!  The month of shuffling storylines, timelines and comic book release dates.

Superman fans, are you mourning the cancellation of Adventures of Superman series?

The time jump in Fauxmance #7.  What could it mean?

Why can’t DC Comics with all its experience accomplish a major event in the new 52?

Join Tej and Holli for this marathon show.  Available on iTunes and talkshoe.





G2FACTOR: New 52 #17s, JLA #1, & SS11 #35


Sunday, February 24th at 5pmET/4pmCT G2Factor will be discussing a myriad of comic books besides our digital-first, Smallville Season 11 #35.  This week Action #17 was late (probably due to Morrison getting an additional issue), Supergirl #17 gave us a fight between the Maiden of Might and Wonder Woman as well as a Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen appearance.  (Now why can’t we get that in Action and Superman?).  Justice League #17 (fish out of water story).  Also interesting developments in Wonder Woman #17 (Orion apparently went to the Guy Gardner School of Romance) and a #1 issue of Justice League of America (Go Steve Trevor!!!).

Plenty to talk about including how we basically are feeling regarding Superman storylines and the comic book industry generally.

Hope you’ll join us.  Live chat and streaming during the show.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.



Today (January 20th) at 5pmET/4pmCT G2Factor will discuss Smallville Season 11 #30, chapter 5 of HAUNTED. Lex, Clark, Bart, Lois, and Black Flash — still as exciting and emotional as ever.  This book delivers each and every week.

Also on the roster:

Superboy#16 mention

Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 (and how it affects Superman’s image & mythos)

Cancelling Superman Family Adventures in April.

Earthward — Bryan Q. Miller’s Kickstarter

DC finally admits Scott Snyder’s book will be called “Man of Steel”

What exactly is happening in the DC Comics offices?  What do rumors tell us?

And what happened to the Trinity War?

Live streaming and chat during the show.  Downloads available after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.




Sunday, January 13th at 5pmET/4pmCT, G2Factor will discuss Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville Season 11 #29 and Grant Morrison’s Action #16.

Bryan has given us some great action, mystery, and humor in this third episode of Smallville Season 11.  Remember this book is digital-first and can be downloaded each and every Friday.

Grant Morrison collides time and subplots at break neck speed (literally).  His penultimate issue begins to finally weave together, but he hasn’t filled in all the holes yet.

Live chat room and streaming available during the show.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Come and enjoy the fun!



Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies . . . 

Nope, no Lucy or Lois in this one.  But we gots Lana and multiple timelines, alternate whatevers, and just a hodge podge that would make Renton from Trainspotting feel at home while the dead baby crawls on the ceiling.

Sunday, December 9th, at 5 pmET/4pmCT, G2Factor will discuss Grant Morrison’s Action #15.  Villains, villains EVERYWHERE.

But, one good thing . . . MXY!!!  Mxy is back in the comics!!!  And he has another trick up his sleeve.  We all know that, right?

Lois made the Action #18 cover and Tony Daniel says she’s one of his favorite characters — she shares the cover with others.  Still love it! Some news about the solicits for March, 2013, bringing another crossover for the Super books including present time Action.  Cat Grant made the cover of Superman #18 before Lois Lane did . . . surprised?

Are you getting a wee bit disenchanted with it all?

Join us in the chatroom or live streaming during the show.  Or download on iTunes or talkshoe after the show.


Sunday, November 11, at 5:00pmET/4pmCT, G2Factor will discuss Action #14.  Grant Morrison goes Doctor Who and then things get biblical.  That actually sounds better than it was.  Sholly Fisch’s backup story features real life astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson.  This was promoted by DC Comics this week.  Krypton’s sun has been found in fiction and real life.

Hank Kanalz released digital sales information this week regarding Justice League #12, the quickest to reach 10,000 downloads.  Since Smallville Season 11 eventually beat Justice League 12, does that mean it reached 40,000 downloads since it has a 99 cent price point and JL is $3.99?   (Did we have to see that ripped off Clois kiss cover again?)  You remember Smallville Season 11, it’s the one with Clark and Lois together working the triangle for two.

Last week DC Blog told us the 5.2 reasons why it was good to be a Superman fan.  1 reason was Supergirl.  Another was the fauxmance complete with shoving the cover at us once again.  That thing is giving us bulimia.  The real hyperbolic moment was when the blog said DC has more than 9,000 stories to tell about the bullship.     So let’s do the math, kiddies:

If they published a power couple story EVERY DAY including Sunday, it would take 24.65 years to get those all told.  OR if you had their story in every new 52 book each month, it would take 8 years.   Uh, yea.  Good luck with that.  People, especially those with many other distractions, have better things to do.

Between that bit of news and Hank’s interviewer adding “rather than Lois Lane” when it came to Superman’s partner, fans of the Superman mythos are getting sucker punched right and left.  DC Comics doesn’t seem to care since they don’t garner any control over the perceptions.  More bad news/publicity for people who have continued to wait for the REAL Superman story.  This new and edgy stuff is putting people off.  No one knows who the new Superman is . . . including him!  (according to Matt Idelson).

The US elections should be a lesson on demographics for DC Comics.  Women are 51% and non-whites are 28% of the population.  Women buy 51% of the movie tickets in the US.  Now let me dispel some notion the boy’s club at DC seems to allow to trickle down to their local comic book shops.  Just because a female likes superhero comics doesn’t mean they want to buy female heroes.   In other words, shoving Wonder Woman into Superman’s story and usurping Lois Lane’s 75 year place in that mythos could be perceived as an intrusion of the worst kind.  It’s a cat fight.  Women don’t like those.  It’s a misconception that it sells with the majority of the population (which would be female).

I’m not a fan of Wonder Woman, and that may be partly due to the fact that DC Comics in Post Crisis on Infinite Earths, had Diana’s deepest secret desire to be married to Clark and have his baby despite the fact that he was married to Lois Lane.  Then in Justice League they hooked her up with Batman.  Basically DC passed her around the Justice League.  Now in the new 52, there are a lot more bachelors, Diana is still the only female.  So if the previous mindset hasn’t changed, she could be with Superman, Batman, Flash (since he’s not married to Iris), Baz, Hal, Cyborg, but not Aquaman (who’s married to Mera – and Mera would kick her ass).

With the introduction of Steve Trevor, I thought Diana would be spared that, but apparently not.  Not only does she have her own book that doesn’t involve the bullship or Steve Trevor (but will include Orion), but she now is Superman’s “love interest” and confidant — roles belonging to Lois Lane.  But this makes the new 52 Superman, “new and edgy”, because they got rid of the marital detail — and apparently Clark’s heart as well.

Superman is an alien and can’t relate to humanity despite the fact he was raised by the Kents, humans, who gave him a good moral compass.  He’s also a man who isn’t brave enough to follow his heart.  And even though he morally can’t report on Superman’s exploits (himself), he has to keep secrets from his friends.   Why he’s known Lois Lane for five years and never made a move towards his heart’s desire is a mystery?  And may never be answered, especially with the fauxmance going on.  Lois Lane is a non-entity.  She is toxic in the eyes of DC Comics management, none of which have had one good thing to say about her since the launch of the new 52 (or the announcement of the reboot).  Then why have Lois in the Superman books at all?  Because it’s the dangling carrot — ‘it’s the anyone-but-Lois-show’ all over again.  DC thinks fans haven’t experienced this before — we have — and we’re sick of it.

Idelson said they wanted fans to pine for the Super Couple of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, the true power couple, so the writers would start scripting those stories.   He also said if they keep Clark and Lois apart there are more stories to tell and they wouldn’t repeat what they did in the past.  Clark and Lois haven’t truly been together as a couple since 2008.  Kal-El lived on another planet for a year and didn’t think of his wife — he wasn’t relating to humans then.  Clark Kent and Lois Lane weren’t in Superman or Action for a year or more.  We got a cyborg Lois in Action for a year, but no Superman or Clark.  So how much longer do fans have to wait for what they want?  Do we have to beg?  If so, to whom or where do we have to prostrate ourselves?  Give us a name and an address (email or otherwise).  Cause this is getting ridiculous.

Fans should show there distaste for this new and edgy tease of a Superman story by not buying Action, Superman, Justice League, etc.  It’s just not worth it, watching your heroes (which includes Lois) looking like emotional cowards or douches.  Superman is supposed to inspire hope, not douchery.  Lois inspires him, but since she’s been pushed to the background especially in his heart — we may never see the Man of Steel manifest in the new 52.  Life is short.  Don’t make us wait.  Give us hope!

Join us Sunday for a lively discussion.  Live chat room and streaming during show.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.



Sunday, October 28th at 5pmET/4pmCT G2Factor will discuss SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #21 by Bryan Q. Miller and Superman #13 by Scott Lobdell.  Two very different Clark Kents and Supermen.

Smallville Season 11 should prove exciting as we’ll see what happens to a Kryptonite compromised Superman and how he survives with the help of Batman and the love of his life, Lois Lane.

Superman #13 gave us the first Clark Kent/Superman in Metropolis story by Scott Lobdell.  He plotted Superman Annual #1.  Is there a difference between the two Clarks in these two books, too?

Grant Morrison will be putting 5 years of story in Action #15 through #17.  Morrison stated there would be a death of Superman story involved in his last arc.

While watching Andy Diggle interviews during NYCC, found out this information:

“I very much want to balance the extremely epic, massive-scale action heroics with the human side of Kal-El and Clark Kent too. I would like to see him explored a little bit more. And I would like to see his relationship with Lois Lane explored a little bit more in the New 52.”

 “I think that he feels a bit like a fish out of water, and I think Diana feels the same way, so to a degree, they feel like kindred spirits, which is not quite the same as his relationship with Lois.”

Black suit in Superman #0 appears in Action #18 and the H’El on Earth storyline between the superbooks spins into another crossover involving Action also.

This last clue is interesting as we saw this symbol in Superman #7:

It’s also significant that Helspont had an arc in the Superman book and told Clark in the Superman Annual #1, he knew Jor-El.  In Superman #0 we see Kal-El on Krypton (dressed in black) narrating the story of his parents and the discovery they were expecting him.  We saw the black suit again in Action #18 on Tony Daniel’s cover.   A Daemonite horn also appeared in Superman #0 as it did in Superman #1.  Helspont could be creating an alternate reality for Superman to exist in.

Could Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, and Action be going from H’El to Helspont?  Will this possible crossover lead to the bigger crossover in the Justice League, Justice League of America and possibly Justice League Dark known as the Trinity War?

Here’s the reason why we ask that question:

This appeared in the Justice League 6 backstory:

And more recently in the backstory of Justice League #13 the intro to Justice League of America:

So join us on Sunday as we talk about Superman in SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 and Superman #13.  Live chatroom and streaming available during show.  Downloads on  iTunes  and talkshoe.

Kimmie and Chris will be giving us their impressions of what is going on, as usual.

Tasha will have a new blog article on OSCK this week.

And be sure to check out Holli’s Op-eds on baudyhallee.

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