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Today (January 20th) at 5pmET/4pmCT G2Factor will discuss Smallville Season 11 #30, chapter 5 of HAUNTED. Lex, Clark, Bart, Lois, and Black Flash — still as exciting and emotional as ever.  This book delivers each and every week.

Also on the roster:

Superboy#16 mention

Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 (and how it affects Superman’s image & mythos)

Cancelling Superman Family Adventures in April.

Earthward — Bryan Q. Miller’s Kickstarter

DC finally admits Scott Snyder’s book will be called “Man of Steel”

What exactly is happening in the DC Comics offices?  What do rumors tell us?

And what happened to the Trinity War?

Live streaming and chat during the show.  Downloads available after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.




Sunday, September 16th, at 5:00pm EDT/4:00pm CDT, G2Factor will discuss Smallville Season 11 #16 featuring World’s Finest in it’s early days and Action #0 also showing us Superman’s initial introduction to Metropolis.

Also, Kimmie and Tasha experienced the Baltimore Comic Con last weekend.  They will be giving us news from writers and artists about their books, art, and how they feel about Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Superman.  Can’t wait to hear it all from our intrepid geek girls!!!

We’ll also discuss the Diamond comic book order stats for the month of August as well as if the ‘tricks of the trade’ of the 90s are still fruitful in these times.

Should be an interesting show!  Hope you’ll join us.

Live streaming and chatroom during show.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.


Sunday, September 2nd at 5:00pmEDT/4pmCDT G2Factor will review Superman Family Adventures #4 and Smallville Season 11 #15, the 3rd chapter of episode 2, DETECTIVE.  Bruce Wayne and Batman in Metropolis.  The World’s Finest meet!!!  These are the best Superman books DC Comics have available.  MUST READS!

Superman Annual #1 with plotting by Scott Loebdell had a few panels that were highlights for the week.

We will also discuss the events in Justice League #12 and Justice League International Annual #1.  For those of you who only saw the promotion of the kiss, you might check out Justice League International Annual #1.  Apparently the kiss has been seen via public or private means.  TWO Booster Golds disappear.  (Booster can time travel.)  Would Geoff Johns introduce and send away one of his favorite characters, Blue Beetle?  Or is there hope that somehow the heroes who cover the time territory can get it all straightened out?  The kiss of doom is not just detrimental to the iconic characters of Superman and Wonder Woman but also the entire planet & universes.  Talk about a toxic relationship.  Does mistrust permeate the Justice League causing them to not save people?  There’s a guilt trip for you!

We’ll talk about what we think DC Comics is doing.  Yes, there is a plan.

Fans need to keep in mind that this spring is the 75th Anniversary of Superman/Lois/Clark Kent’s existence.  And also there’s the Man of Steel movie in June, 2013.   That’s money in the coffers.

Join us on Sunday.  Should be a very exciting show!  Live chatroom and streaming during show.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.


Clark Kent tagging Lois Lane

SUNDAY, AUGUST12th at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT G2Factor will review and discuss Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville Season 9 episode, ECHO.  Insiders will know the real meaning of the picture caption.  Clark Kent gets a new power — and Lois Lane is his main connection.

Another week to wait for Miller’s Smallville Season 11 #13, the first chapter of episode 2, DETECTIVE.  Tell all your Batman friends that the World’s Greatest Detective is coming to Smallville!  This may be the only place Superman/Batman fans will get the World’s Finest in the new 52.

There were some interesting articles and interviews this week regarding Superman.  We’ll talk about what’s good or not so good for the character.

Live streaming and live chatroom available.  Downloads after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


Sorry about the technical difficulties last week.  This week G2Factor will discuss Smallville Season 11 digital #10, Action #11, Action Annual #1 news, SDCC news and … all things Superman.

If you haven’t gotten it already, this is the icon to look for when purchasing and downloading Smallville Season 11 #10.

Another exciting chapter of GUARDIAN by Bryan Q. Miller with interior pencils by Pere Perez and digital cover art by Cat Staggs!  A special HELLO to Bryan & Cat who are at SDCC 2012 this weekend.

Be with G2Factor on Sunday,July 15th at 5pmEDT/4pm.  We’ve got 2 weeks of things to say!!!  Live chatroom and live streaming available.  Downloads after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.

While reading Action #11 by Grant Morrison, besides realizing he’s populating this book with tons of Silver Age characters; Lois’ niece, Susie, may have some concepts of a character in the pre-Flashpoint/new52, known as the protector of the DCU.  No, not Pandora. That’s new 52 crap.   Kismet.  She appeared not only in the Death of Superman story but also in the Dominus/King of the World story arc (both with Dan Jurgens contributing).   She appeared as a young girl much like Susie.  Here are some panels from Superman v2 #138.

Remember in the new 52 Superman book written by Jurgens, we know Clark is experiencing alternate realities.  In Superman v2 #183, Kismet disguised as a young girl tells Superman (who is married to Lois) that he is existing on four separate planes.  And we know that Morrison enjoys writing on different time lines.  Why not boost that with alternate realities?  Especially if the Superman book is being micromanaged and Jurgens is not able to tell the story he wanted to tell before being taken off the book at #12 (September, 2012).

A good idea should not die because of editorial.  “One life spread across different places in time and space, all occurring simultaneously.”  Notice that Kismet is green and has a universe of stars, planets, galaxies throughout her body.  Now look at Susie in Action #11.

Susie is wearing green and has the universe in her eyes.  Coincidence?  Lois wishes she could stop thinking about her friend Clark who has ‘died.’   Precocious Susie reminds her auntie her name is not Suze.  “Don’t worry, Aunt Lois.  You’ll be okay.  You won’t be sad for long.”  In this issue, we know Clark has taken on another identity.  Fireman Johnny Clark.  As Superman, he actually screams Lois’ name when she is injured.   An iconic moment for all Superman fans.

New readers cannot appreciate what are in the panels of Action #11 if they have no history of what came before.  The history gives the story depth and connectivity.  In a DC panel at SDCC, a fan stated she missed the history, Geoff Johns admitted, “I actually kind of agree, since we don’t have that timeline laid out now, that’s something we’re all moving towards and trying to build the depth.”  Morrison is not known for his depth.  You’ll get characters and concepts thrown in and MAYBE he’ll tie them in at the end of the story arc — whenever that may be.

October Solicits came out week before last.  Action Annual #1 was announced.  Sholly Fisch will be doing the main story for that issue.  BUT in a very controversial move, Max Landis, son of director John Landis, will be doing another story in the book.   Hollywood Kid Landis wrote the movie, Chronicle and on the day of its release, he uploaded a YouTube video about the Death of Superman.  Fifteen minutes of disparaging Superman especially and the entire DC Universe cast of characters.  We will definitely be discussing this matter on Sunday!   It’s not the first time DC has hired people to work on the new 52 Action who publicly have denigrated the character of Superman.  Rags Morales, anyone?

Should be a lively show!  That and all the SDCC news and rumors, too.   Might have to take some vitamins.


Clark Kent dials 911. Somebody saaaave meeeee

Sunday, July 8th at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT, G2Factor will discuss Bryan Q. Miller’s Smallville Season 8 HEX, Action #11, and the latest news from the DCaU.  Some good, some worse.

Hope you all have picked up your Smallville Season 11 #3 print from your comic shop.   Digitals were on hiatus this Friday.  They will be back on July 13th, that’s right, Friday the 13th.

Bryan Q. Miller was to be on the Superman panel at San Diego Comic Con but now The Powers That Be have taken him off.  Bryan will be signing autographs from 2 to 3pm on Saturday.  Hope you’ll show your support for the BEST Superman book DC has to offer.

HEX:  Lois is always Lois even when Chloe wishes she was her.  Remember when Zatana and Oliver were blatantly flirting?

Action #11 actually has Superman saying Lois’ name and still has multiple time lines and introductions of even more Silver Age characters.

The new 52 is a universe where Superman ‘continuity’ must not exist.  It’s okay for Batman and pretty much everyone else, but not the Man of Steel.

Action annual #1 news:  Mixed.

Got an opinion about that?  Then join us on Sunday for a very lively discussion.


SUNDAY, April 1st, at 5 pm EDT/4pm CDT G2Factor will discuss Superman #7 by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens.  And that’s no April Fool’s joke.  Wildstorm’s Helspont makes his debut with the new 52 Superman.  The Daemonite Lord is a talker.  He out-talks Lex Luthor, and that’s saying something.  But first he sent a biotech thrall to fight Superman in Metropolis.  Rock ’em, Sock ’em.

Meanwhile back at the Daily Planet, we finally see Clark Kent sitting at his desk.  Lois and Jimmy have some favors to ask. Perry White wants Clark to push Superman to the forefront.  Unfortunately, there is no Pizzy in this issue.  😦  No Clois.  No Pizzy.  BUT Superman and Lois were in a panel together — but didn’t talk to each other.  No touching either.

Kindle Fire owners got a real knock to the head and wallet this week.  The pre-loaded Comixology app no longer includes ANY DC Comics for purchase.  Amazon, Kindle Fire apps, and Comixology all have responded to users inquiries.  DC Comics has not.  Was it only just six months ago when Jim Lee, DC Comics Co-Publisher was touting the Kindle Fire in an exclusive deal?  Guess that went south like Action Comics or OMAC sales.  Meanwhile, real people who buy DC Comics digitally have gotten a raw deal.  Oh well, they’re probably not 14 to 34 year old males anyway.  So they don’t matter, right?  Unfortunately for DC Comics, Kindle Fire users can get all the Marvel and independent comics they want on the pre-loaded Comixology app.  Another great business move from the DC Boys Club?

Just two weeks or less until the debut digital-first issue of Smallville Season 11 comic release.  Apple and Android users have an app for that.  Kindle Fire and Window users can use Comixology.com website to purchase the digitals.  Mark April 13th, a Friday, on your calendars!

May 2nd, a Wednesday, is when Smallville Season 11 gets compiled into a print book.  Be sure to get it at your local comic book or online store.   May 5th, the first Saturday, is Free Comic Book Day — check out Superman Family Adventures by Al & Franco.

In June, there’s the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. We’ll keep you informed of who we’ll be seeing there.  Also on June 12th, the release of Superman vs. the Elite.  This animated film is based on Action 775 by Joe Kelly.  “What’s so Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”  

So join us on live streaming or live chat.  Downloads available on iTunes or talkshoe.


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