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There will be no G2Factor on Sunday as the new readers in our group are disheartened and disgusted by DC Comics treatment of their beloved characters.

G2HARDCORE on Saturday, October 18th at 5pm ET will address the following:

Metaphors used in the fauxmance’s last issue

The humiliation of Lois Lane and her fans

The cynicism and the dudebro mindset of the new 52

The usual stuff.


Here is one thing on the agenda:



Nothing like insulting Lois Lane fans and telling them their money is not needed for Superman sales.

All those brainy females are ugly and freaks.  Nice message, DC Comics.

The Silver Age is gone, right?  Guess not.  Welcome to the Age of Superdouchery.


Livestreaming and chat available. Wish to comment during the show, please go into chatroom.  Also podcast is available on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Beware, HARDCORE can last 4.5 hours. The place to be is talkshoe.com Show #97368


G2FACTOR: New 52 #17s, JLA #1, & SS11 #35


Sunday, February 24th at 5pmET/4pmCT G2Factor will be discussing a myriad of comic books besides our digital-first, Smallville Season 11 #35.  This week Action #17 was late (probably due to Morrison getting an additional issue), Supergirl #17 gave us a fight between the Maiden of Might and Wonder Woman as well as a Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen appearance.  (Now why can’t we get that in Action and Superman?).  Justice League #17 (fish out of water story).  Also interesting developments in Wonder Woman #17 (Orion apparently went to the Guy Gardner School of Romance) and a #1 issue of Justice League of America (Go Steve Trevor!!!).

Plenty to talk about including how we basically are feeling regarding Superman storylines and the comic book industry generally.

Hope you’ll join us.  Live chat and streaming during the show.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.


Batman comes to Smallville

Sunday, August 19th at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT, G2Factor will squee over Smallville Season 11 #13 and discuss Catwoman #12.

If you’re not reading Smallville Season 11, you aren’t reading the best comic book DC Comics has to offer.  A digital-first that is always in the top 10 selling according to reveue and at 99 cents a chapter.  See the REAL Superman!

The second episode of Season 11 is called DETECTIVE and we are introduced to Batman and his sidekick, Nightwing.  Bryan Q. Miller had originally intended for that role to be portrayed by Stephanie Brown, but editorial decided otherwise (and rather late in the game).  Barbara Gordon will be Nightwing, but she reads like Steph.   “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” — William Shakespeare.

The digital cover icon was drawn by Cat Staggs and the interiors for the first three chapters of this episode are by Chris Cross.  Smallville Season 11 is the only place you’ll be getting your Superman Batman World’s Finest fix.  So get it!

Don’t forget to put Smallville Season 11 on your pull list.  Let’s see it rise up the print charts.

Also we’ll be talking about Batman’s appearance in Catwoman #12.  The Dark Knight Rises fans might enjoy what we have to say about that.

So join us on Sunday.  Live chatroom and livestreaming.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


In Superman Family comics #211 (1981).

TDKR fans may find these panels interesting and an addition to some of the lines within the film.

Mr. and Mrs. Superman (Clark Kent and Lois Lane) receive an invitation.

With the addition of marriage, heroes have more inner conflict and more layers of story and character to present.


Bruce and Selina!!!

The reception.  The Kents are on a story as well.

A secret revealed.

Bruce and Selina Wayne had a daughter, Helena, who later became The Huntress (whose origin was revived for the new 52, second wave).

Join us on G2Factor on Sundays at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT as we discuss all things Superman and sometimes Batman, too.


Join us Sunday, July 22nd as we discuss Smallville Season 11 #11, Justice League #11 and The Dark Knight Rises with its MAN OF STEEL teaser.

Hope to see you there.  Live chatroom and streaming.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.


On Friday, June 22nd, Smallville Season 11 digital #8 will be released.  Have your apps and webpages ready.   Will Clark meet with the military and General Lane in particular?  We’re in the middle of Act 3 of the 4 act episode of GUARDIAN.

Chapter #7 topped Batman #10 for the #1 spot of  Top Selling Digitals sometime on June 20th, print comic book day.  On Thursday, June 21st, it was still going strong moving from 4th to 3rd in revenue sales.  For a 99 cent price point competing against $3.99 print first digitals, that is amazing.  Smallville Season 11 is The Little Comic That Could . . . and does.  Can’t wait to see what #8 will achieve after its debut.

On Sunday, June 24th, G2Factor will discuss the latest issue by Bryan Q. Miller with art by Pere Perez.  Lively talk will begin at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT with live chat and streaming.  Downloads available after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.

For those of you who missed it, or didn’t want to listen to 4 hours of us talking.  Here’s the nearly 2 hour exert of our May 13th Bryan Q. Miller interview.  We covered all the bases from questions about Smallville the Series to Smallville Season 11 to Batgirl to doughnuts.  See if you can find some clues about episode 2, DETECTIVE.  We really appreciate Bryan’s sense of humor and cordiality.  Thanks, Bryan!

So join us as we enjoy reading a truly great Superman comic book.  Hope to see you there!


If you don’t recognize the above panel, run to your computer or smart device and purchase the digital first Smallville Season 11 #1 (see purchase and download link below for more info).  This is the REAL Superman.  If you’ve never bought a comic or if you’ve never seen an episode of Smallville, you will have no problem understanding what is going on in this Superman story.   THIS is the book you can read, or you can read to your kids, or have them read.  Everyone can enjoy it’s uplifting tale of an alien farm boy saving the world.  He’s just doing his job.  It is short but then it is only part of a 12 issue arc.  Each digital first issue is available weekly (Friday) and only 99 cents in the US.

Issue #1 remains the Top Selling Digital Comic on Comixology (digital comic central).  Help to make comics history and save an industry!  Purchase each week.  It’s the future and you get a great story, too.  Let’s also keep in mind purchasing the print (3 to 4 digital first) compilations to see how this book sizes up against the more traditional competition.

Here’s G2Factor’s show regarding the first issue:  Smallville Season 11 #1.  Available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Issue 2 will be released on April 20th.  BE SURE TO PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD YOUR DIGITAL BOOK ON FRIDAY.  Available through your DC Comic app or Comixology app on your devices or by going to the DC Comic website or Comixology website.   Issue 1 was released early, 9:30 am EDT, last Friday, so maybe it will be again.  Cause a frenzy for this Superman story!

SUNDAY, April 22nd, G2Factor will talk about Smallville Season 11 #2 at 5 pm EDT/4pm CDT.  This the second installment of the ‘episode’, GUARDIAN.  There are rumors we’ll get to see Clark Kent doing every day things with Lois Lane, his fiancee.  The extraordinary and the ordinary makes Superman a unique character.

IMPORTANT!  If you’re interested in the compilation print books (and we recommend getting both versions if possible), please inform your local comic book shop because they are NOW ordering their books for May and Smallville Season 11 first print book is due out May 2nd.  Start a pull list that way the shop can set aside the issues you want — and you might get a discount, too.  Check their policy for pull list benefits.   Information in finding a local comic shop or a web based one are in the link above regarding purchase and download or the pull list link.


Every week (Sunday) we will be reviewing the latest Smallville Season 11 digitally released the Friday before.  YAY!

Superman Comic by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens to be released April 25th (Wednesday).  It appears Helspont has possessed Superman.  No mention of other characters in the PR synopsis.  Hopefully Superman can get Helspont to shut up in this issue. Oy!

May 2nd (Wednesday) is when Smallville Season 11 print version arrives.  So put it on your pull list now so it’ll be there for you then.

May 5th (Saturday) is Free Comic Book Day.  Pandora story will be featured in Justice League.  Also some Superman Family Adventures mentioned for this special book.

May 30th (Wednesday) is Superman Family Adventures first issue release. Put that on your pull list, too!

June 7th Erica Durance’s (Smallville Lois Lane) Saving Hope will premiere on NBC.

June 7-10 is the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.  So far we know George Perez will be there.  He wrote the premiere story arc for new 52 Superman.  The TPB of that will not be available until November. (Boo, DC, another fail.)  We’re excited about meeting him.

June 12th  (Tuesday) Superman vs the Elite will be released on DVD.  Based on Joe Kelly’s Action #775, “What’s so Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?”  Can’t wait!

So come listen on live streaming or live chat room on talkshoe.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!

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