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SUNDAY!  February 5th at 5 PM ET/4 PM CT, G2Factor will try to guide listeners through the whacky mindset waters of yet another Morrison comic.  For a guy who professed to research the Golden Age of Superman, he’s got an awfully lot of Silver Age stuff in his story arc.


Did he just read Siegel and Shuster’s Action #1 (one issue) and skip to the 1950’s stories?  Is he depending on his Silver Age research for All Star Superman?   He tosses out names like we’re supposed to know who these people/beings are (we don’t, so surely new readers won’t have a clue) and then he never names  Smarmy Guy — is he supposed to be Mxy?  This isn’t a mystery as much as it is holding back by the author and pummeling us with ubiquitous red herrings supposedly for that big final finish.  Do we seriously believe Morrison will tie up all the loose ends?

This issue had two titles.  The second was unnecessary since young Clark Kent flying was never the center of the story.  Also how did The Collector’s old ship become young Superman’s Fortress of Solitude after he fought the Terminauts if he was still leaping tall buildings in a single bound?  Did he leap into space to get there?  Really?  Since this issue had the second title involving flying, wouldn’t he have flown there?  And if so, when did he start flying on his own (without a Legion ring)?  THESE are the things we want to know especially in a supposed ‘origins story’ which should become foundational continuity.  It isn’t.  It’s about Morrison and his ideas more than it is about establishing Superman as a character.  Maybe Grant should go out and find another cosplayer to talk to — this time, one who understands Clark Kent and Lois Lane as well as Superman.


Big thanks to Andy Kubert’s art giving us some good emotional moments.

So . . . Sholly Fisch gave us another terrific story with heart about Clark’s past.  Can’t he write the main story?  He did a fantastic job with the Superman Adventures.

Also this Sunday, we will be discussing Superman’s role in the DCnU, the triangle for two and how it’s changed, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Join G2 Factor on talkshoe in the live chatroom or listen on live streaming.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!

Question of the week (almost every week):  Is the true villain of the Superman stories DC editorial/management?

Other question of the week:  Does Rags Morales have to come back as artist?


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