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DC Entertainment continues its strong arming of the Superman mythos by shoving the fauxmance at readers hungry for a REAL Superman.  Batman/Superman took no time to make us ragey.   Greg Pak brought the bullship into Earth 2 by having a Wonder Woman attacking and stabbing a Lois Lane.  It does not matter that it may not have been a true Lois, because the imagery is embedded into our brains now.  Apparently, New 52 Superman has ‘always’ had a ‘thing’ for Wonder Woman since he saw her on Earth 2 as he watched her stab an Earth 2 Lois Lane.   Didn’t matter that he found out his counterpart was married to Lois Lane — he basically slobbered over Earth 2 Wonder Woman.   DC Entertainment does not respect Lois Lane nor Wonder Woman for that matter.  Apparently a multi-universal cat-fight over Superman is what they think will sell books.   But in their scenario Wonder Woman will always win because Lois Lane is just a mere human.   Superman’s dual identity is a mockery in the new 52.

Since these new ‘starving’ creators don’t seem to have a backbone and stand up for the true Superman mythology, then we will not review their dictated DC Entertainment plot lines and characterizations.  Dan Didio said at this year’s SDCC that the fauxmance was a centerpiece of the new 52.  He can keep it.  People don’t eat the centerpiece.  So there’s people at the table waiting for the main course and are being told to look at the pretty eugenic centerpiece.  Fans are starving for real Superman stories, but apparently won’t get them in the new 52.

Scott Snyder came out this week and said that he will not be doing the fauxmance in his story/book.   Can we get an Amen?  Mr. Snyder has enough clout to do pretty much as he wishes and he has Co-Pub Jim Lee helping him (so far).  Fans of Superman should rush to get Superman Unchained #1, Superman Unchained #2, and Superman Unchained #1 the Director’s Cut.  Apparently in Superman Unchained #3 coming out in August, Lois Lane plays a crucial and important role as she will throughout the book.  Be sure to show your approval of this story and characterization by putting it on your pull list.

For those of you not caring about the Trinity War — it’s okay, the villains win anyway.  September is Villains Month and there will be no Superman Unchained that month.  October through March will be DC Entertainment’s Forever Evil (like we didn’t know already that this was what the new 52 is all about) arc.  The fauxmance book begins in October as well.  Coincidence?

About the bullship book.  DC Entertainment was downplaying the romantic storyline of the book even though all we’ve seen them do is suck face time and time again like rabid teenagers.   Soule, the co-pubs and Berganza said that it’s an action book.  Apparently Superman and Wonder Woman are too busy fighting villains to get busy.  Fine by us.  Still not buying or reviewing.  Interesting that the first villain to cockblock the power twins will be none other than Faora from the Man of Steel movie.   Cheap shot, DCE.  Not even she could tempt us.

Warning:  Scott Lobdell said he was featuring Lois Lane about 75% in the Superman Annual #2, but what was revealed at SDCC was they did something very bad to Lois.   Was there a doubt?

And Superman #22 by Lobdell is not worth the time to read it.

Superman fans need to ask themselves this question:  Why did Andy Diggle walk off Action Comics?   Was it what DC Entertainment was going to do to Lois Lane?   Diggle is writing Captain America: Living Legend now.  So it’s not as if he can’t write a top icon at one of the big two.   You be the judge.

Join us this Sunday at 5pm ET/4pmCT as we discuss Adventures of Superman #13, Smallville Season 11 #56, and Superman Unchained #1 the Director’s Cut.  Also on the docket is more discussion regarding SDCC ’13 and the Man of Steel film, as always.

Live chatroom and streaming during the show.  Downloads available after the show on talkshoe  and iTunes.


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