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Sunday, November 4th at 5pmET/4pmCT, G2Factor will discuss Superman Family Adventures #6, Action Annual #1, and Superman: Earth One v2 plus some commentary on DC Comics promotional treatment of Lois Lane on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Superman mythos.

Chris has tweeted with Scott Snyder and Andy Diggle, new writers for Superman stories.  She’ll be reporting on those convos.

In case, DC Comics has forgotten the importance of Lois Lane in the narrative of the Superman mythos, we’ll submit these visual aides to assist them with remembering their history:

  From Action #1, 1938, the book that started it all.  This is what fans will be celebrating this Spring, hopefully.

Lois Lane has to defend herself from a notorious mobster, since her date, Clark Kent, has refused to be chivalrous (because he has another identity).  In this panel, we can see Lois’ fearless Chutzpah against evil and injustice.  The dual identity is evident.  Clark Kent has to warn her from harm, but Superman admires her spirit and assertiveness.

From the new 52, Action #0, before he even meets Lois Lane, Clark Kent is enamored of the spirit and fearlessness in her journalism.   She is the one person he would love to meet in the big city of Metropolis.  We later learn that Lois Lane has loved Clark Kent’s blog before he came looking for work at the Daily Star.  He will soon introduce the city to the superhero that Lois Lane will name, Superman.

Chris suggested we post some positive nuggets for folks in regards to new 52 Superman:

“… without Lois in his life, that human representation is something he had to grow towards, and that the absence of Lois in his romantic life held him back.  — Matt Idelson, Ask Matt, Supermanhomepage, August, 2012.

Hope to see you on Sunday.  Live chat room and streaming during the show.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.



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