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Sunday,August 26th at 5pmEDT/4pmCDT G2Factor will discuss Dan Jurgens last issue of Superman #12.  The above is not the cover, but it is a great shot of Superman and how he feels about humanity and getting a life.  Also we’ll be talking about Bryan Q. Miller’s latest chapter of Smallville Season 11 (#14), episode DETECTIVE.

If you want the REAL Superman, Smallville Season 11 is the book for you.  No stunts necessary.  Just great writing and art with humor, action, heart and mystery.

You know we’ll also be hashing out our feelings regarding the latest Lee/Johns announcement for Justice League #12 regarding Superman and Wonder Woman.  Should be interesting.  Below is the panel Jim Lee ripped off for the new light-switched power couple.  The original had much more meaning since it was a reuniting of man and wife.  Two souls joined in love and never beaten by adversity.

Superman and his wife, Lois Lane from For Tomorrow

Also this week was Wonder Woman #12’s cover.  That’s Artemus she’s kissing in a more in-character positioning.  We will not be reviewing Wonder Woman.

So join us on Sunday on talkshoe.  Live chatroom and streaming available during show.  Downloads available after the show on iTunes and talkshoe.


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