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SUNDAY!!!  April 29th 5pm EDT/4pmCDT, G2Factor will talk about SUPERMAN!  (not a big surprise)  The new 52 version in Superman #8 and also in Smallville Season 11 #3, which we and others have dubbed the REAL Superman.

Be sure to purchase and download your Smallville Season 11 Chapter 3 digital Friday, April 27th.  Comixology has been releasing the digital-first comic between 9:30 am to 10:00 am EDT.   Also, please rate this comic.  Even though Comixology has not perfected its rating system, we still have to give it the Superman try.  If you are unable to rate it on Comixology, rate it through your app or the DC Comics digital comics website (it all goes back to Comixology — or should).

Possession seems to be the theme of the new 52 Superman book.  We’ll explore how this may effect our hero in the months to come.   And we are all anxiously awaiting the new love interest so it can be over and done with.  More Lois, please.

Patty Spivot is definitely not doing the Flash book any favors.  It’s nosediving heavily every month (along with Action).  While Aquaman with his wife, Mera,  lose the least amount each month and have gained a critical and enthusiastic following.  Think upon that, DC Comics.

Here’s something else to think about, DC Comics:

Smallville Season 11 #2 exceeded its first issue in revenue sales (which was #1 count wise for six days or more, we don’t know), beating out all digital books DC had to offer.  That means it was selling more than 4 to 1 (it has 99 cent price point).  Issue #1 was still in the top 15 of revenue sales this past week.  Isn’t it time DC Comics reported some digital numbers?  Start bragging about this phenomena!  Encourage the digital savvy fans of their books!  DC wanted digital; Smallville Season 11 and its fans are BRINGING IT!

Smallville and Superman fans:

Your mission will be to have Smallville Season 11 #3 wipe out all the competition, no matter what the price point.  How is that possible with one digital account?   You tell other fans of Smallville and the REAL Superman about this wonderful book by Bryan Q. Miller and Pere Perez.  Get them to purchase Smallville Season 11 digital first.  Fanboys who snicker at Smallville, you really are missing out.  This is a STRONG and VIBRANT Superman story.  It will make you BELIEVE again.  It will bring back the joy of comics.  Remember that?

Other versions of Superman were doing well digitally this past week:

Superman Beyond #1 (a 99 cent digital-first) was in the top 10 of  Top Paid digital comics.  Its first issue was introduced on April 18th.  Its print predecessor Superman Beyond #0 was published late last summer before the new 52.  It also was on the digital Top Paid charts.  This is the story of older Superman who is a widower.  Lois has been mentioned in #0 and #1.

Superman Batman digitals also were on the top DC Top Paid chart.  They are $1.99 with annuals selling for $2.99.  This is a great series by some of today’s greatest writers.   G2Factor cannot recommend this book enough.  Take it everywhere you go.

With Superman doing so well digitally (and not same day as print), does this mean that people are STARVED for the Superman they all know and love and not the 52 version?  Something else for DC Editorial to think about.


. . . is not just any Comic Book Day.  It is SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 PRINT BOOK DAY!!!  Do you have your pull list ready?  Cash and credit cards ready?  This is the opportunity not only to have the tactile experience of reading a paper comic book, but also to see how this compilation sizes up with the ‘print boys’.  Numbers will definitely be released by Diamond the first week of June about May orders so get into those stores (web or local) and demand SMALLVILLE SEASON 11  #1 (Chapters 1-3) for $3.99.  You get the 3 chapters (30 to 36 pages of story) PLUS a Smallville episode guide.  That is definitely more bang for your buck than with other printed comics.

May 4th — Purchase and download Smallville Season 11 Chapter 4 digital first.

May 5th is Free Comic Book Day

This first Saturday is May will give you free comic books at your comic book shop.  DC Comics has Justice League on the cover and will tell a bit more about the Where’s Waldo character, Pandora, and how she is going to screw up the new 52 further.  We’re pretty excited about seeing the Superman Family Adventures preview pages in print.  Go and explore!

May 6th — G2Factor talks Smallville and Superman in the comics on talkshoe.

May 11th — Purchase and download Smallville Season 11 Chapter 5 digital first

May 13thG2Factor talks Smallville and Superman in the comics on talkshoe.

May 18th —  Purchase and download Smallville Season 11 Chapter 6 digital first

May 20thG2Factor talks Smallville and Superman in the comics on talkshoe.

May 25th — Purchase and download Smallville Season 11 Chapter 7 digital first

May 27thG2Factor talks Smallville and Superman in the comics on talkshoe.

We’d like to thank everyone who downloaded our Smallville Season 11 shows.  If you take a look in the back pages of podcasts, you will find some Smallville episode reviews, too.

Join us this Sunday as we talk about Smallville, Superman, Lois Lane, DC Comics, and other topics.



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