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SUNDAY, March 25th at 5 pm EDT/4pm CDT, G2Factor will discuss Catwoman 7 and the final issue of Tiny Titans #50 on talkshoe.  Yes, we do it all from sexy Selina Kyle to the charming kids within the pages of Tiny Titans.   We highly recommend Tiny Titans to anyone of any age.  This book even gives you a guide as to who the players are, that’s more than you get in Action.  This Eisner Award winning series is also available in trade paperbacks and chapter books.

In May, the Tiny Titans’ creative team will be producing Superman Family Adventures.  People of all ages are looking forward to its debut.   It just may be one of the few examples of a positive view of Superman and his cast of characters in this very dark and hopeless new 52 continuity.

In DCnU news, Wonder Woman fans were rocked with the new origination story presented in issue #7.  The Amazons (who will be dead in Robinson’s Earth 2 series) are no longer a benevolent, independent, empowered female tribe.  The new 52 continues its onslaught of putting female and female influence in a bad light (that’s putting it nicely) within their 14-to-34-year-old male target audience books.

New 52 Amazons maintain their female tribe by boarding ships, having sex with male pirates and killing the sperm donors.  But their treachery and selfishness doesn’t stop there.  Nine months later, the female children are kept and the male children are traded with Haephestus for the  weapons of mass destruction he and the Amazon ‘failures’ (males) construct.  It is Haephestus (male god of technology and craftsmen) who informs Wonder Woman of this centuries long aberration.  It is through his perspective (male) that we see the demonization of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman is rated TEEN.  As a parent, would you want your 14-to-18-year-old sons exposed to this concept of females/women/girls?  Would you want your daughter/sister/mother to read this?  The lack of nobility in the new 52 continues. (Majesty should never be solely conveyed in the collar of a costume.)

Interviews with Bryan Q. Miller, writer of Smallville Season 11, this week.  Remember this premiere digital-first issue will be available on Friday, April 13th, not the usual Wednesday for comic fans, but the usual Friday for Smallville fans.  And if you’re interested in the print compilation (4 issues), May 2nd is the date to mark on your calendar.   Keep in mind, if you purchase a digital issue on your device app, you can read it on the web on Comixology.com.  For those without smartphones, ipods or other such devices, you can register and ‘download’ on Comixology.com to read your digital issues.  If you have a device app but also want to access on the web, it might be a good idea to keep your login name and password the same on the device app account and Comixology account for ease of use.

May 5th (a Saturday) is Free Comic Book Day.  But if you want that Smallville Season 11 print, you better go on that Wednesday before they’re sold out.   Oh, what the heck, go both days!

A special thank you to Marv Wolfman (author of Crisis on Infinite Earths), who brought DCU Online Legends to a satisfactory end.  Lois lives!  (as well as millions of others) Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see her alive in Superman’s arms (or at all) in the final issue, #26.   Good series despite Lois getting fridged.  Still wondering if the writers’ retreat in 2009 said, “Make Lex the star!”   After Cornell’s run in Action and this series, it makes you wonder.

June 12th, Joe Kelly’s Superman vs the Elite will be released.  Based on Action v1 #775’s “What’s so Funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”, this is a quintessential Superman story.  Experience why Superman doesn’t work as an anti-hero especially when the new 52 is shoving anti-heroism upon their icons.   All Superman fans will enjoy this truly noble Man of Steel story.

Should be a lively discussion with all the comics and DCnU news.  Join us on Sunday.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.  Live chat and streaming on talkshoe.



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