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Sunday, March 4th at 5pm ET/ 4pm CT, G2Factor will discuss Justice League #6 and the newly released Justice League Doom.

This is the final issue of this premiere new 52 story arc of the Justice League dealing with its initial formation.  The new 52 has some new players on the team and will probably get a few more in the months to come.  Heavy hitter villain Darkseid called these heroes together.

Justice League Doom is loosely based on Mark Waid’s JLA Tower of Babble story arc.  Batman has contingency plans for combating all the League members and Vandal Savage has stolen them.  Written by Dwayne McDuffie, who died in February, 2011.

One of our future shows will be what we saw on the Special Features of the Justice League Doom DVD.  In a week or so, Superman Vs. the Elite will premiere at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA.  This story is one of Superman’s best.  Just ask Tasha.  She has sung its praises FOREVER.  Joe Kelly’s 2001 Action Comics #775, What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”  Still as relevant now as it was then, this powerhouse story shows the true core of Superman.  I’ve actually watched the sneak peek more than I did JL Doom.  Mike Carlin, former DC Comics Editor, is now Creative Director of Animation for DC Entertainment.  He spoke about the anti-heroes who rose up in the late 80s and 90s with their dark tales of ambiguous moral codes.  The Elite was a take off of Wildstorm’s (Jim Lee’s) Authority who got the job done by whatever means possible.  Superman and his methods are tested when confronted by the Elite.  It’s a story of “You don’t want to see Superman not being Superman.”  The new 52 could learn something from that.

More DCnU news this week.  Earth 2 by James Robinson has refrigerated Lois Lane once again (4th time in 7 months) so Superman may be at a breaking point to kill.  Wonder Woman is the sole Amazon left on the planet, all her family have been wiped out.  She’s pretty pissed off, too.  Batman, who is always pissed off anyway and wasn’t changed much in the new 52, is angry about his daughter (Helena Wayne).  Does this mean his wife (Selina Kyle) got refrigerated, too?  What was Carlin saying about anti-heroes?  If this is the new 52’s ‘new take’, then they’re dreaming.  With 98% of new 52-buying-survey-takers being returning readers or loyal readers, this is not going down as new at all.  This is the same crap we got before, only Frank Miller did it better.  They can try and retro the history all they like, but people know this tactic and it stinks.

Attention DC:  Despite your spin doctoring on the survey statistics, more than 20% of the new 52-buying-survey-takers were FEMALE.  So you’d better start pondering what this does to your image when you kill off entire tribes of women or the First Lady of Action Comics, Lois Lane, repeatedly.  More than one-fifth of your fanbase may say, “enough is enough!”  And with only 2% of survey takers being new readers — those leaving and disgusted readers are going to be hard to replace.  Why don’t you drop the misogyny and the “girls are icky & don’t read comic books” crap and do some real character driven stories with layers and delve into their psyches because of who and what they are.  Show us how that conflicts with their world in general.  Quit stripping away entire casts of characters to make the Trinity vengeful fighting thugs with no social interaction of any kind.

This rant ain’t over!

Superman is a character of hope.  He inspires us to aspire.  To be better.  And our hope is in Bryan Q. Miller’s digital first comic, Smallville Season 11.  To be released  April 13th, A FRIDAY!    This is a weekly digital comic and if you’re not familiar with those, go to:  OSCK and check out the article on how to obtain the digitals as well as the printed compilation books.  G2Factor is totally supporting this book and hope all other Smallville fans will come join the party.

Live chat room and streaming.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

See ya there!


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