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SUNDAY, April 1st, at 5 pm EDT/4pm CDT G2Factor will discuss Superman #7 by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens.  And that’s no April Fool’s joke.  Wildstorm’s Helspont makes his debut with the new 52 Superman.  The Daemonite Lord is a talker.  He out-talks Lex Luthor, and that’s saying something.  But first he sent a biotech thrall to fight Superman in Metropolis.  Rock ’em, Sock ’em.

Meanwhile back at the Daily Planet, we finally see Clark Kent sitting at his desk.  Lois and Jimmy have some favors to ask. Perry White wants Clark to push Superman to the forefront.  Unfortunately, there is no Pizzy in this issue.  😦  No Clois.  No Pizzy.  BUT Superman and Lois were in a panel together — but didn’t talk to each other.  No touching either.

Kindle Fire owners got a real knock to the head and wallet this week.  The pre-loaded Comixology app no longer includes ANY DC Comics for purchase.  Amazon, Kindle Fire apps, and Comixology all have responded to users inquiries.  DC Comics has not.  Was it only just six months ago when Jim Lee, DC Comics Co-Publisher was touting the Kindle Fire in an exclusive deal?  Guess that went south like Action Comics or OMAC sales.  Meanwhile, real people who buy DC Comics digitally have gotten a raw deal.  Oh well, they’re probably not 14 to 34 year old males anyway.  So they don’t matter, right?  Unfortunately for DC Comics, Kindle Fire users can get all the Marvel and independent comics they want on the pre-loaded Comixology app.  Another great business move from the DC Boys Club?

Just two weeks or less until the debut digital-first issue of Smallville Season 11 comic release.  Apple and Android users have an app for that.  Kindle Fire and Window users can use Comixology.com website to purchase the digitals.  Mark April 13th, a Friday, on your calendars!

May 2nd, a Wednesday, is when Smallville Season 11 gets compiled into a print book.  Be sure to get it at your local comic book or online store.   May 5th, the first Saturday, is Free Comic Book Day — check out Superman Family Adventures by Al & Franco.

In June, there’s the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. We’ll keep you informed of who we’ll be seeing there.  Also on June 12th, the release of Superman vs. the Elite.  This animated film is based on Action 775 by Joe Kelly.  “What’s so Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”  

So join us on live streaming or live chat.  Downloads available on iTunes or talkshoe.




SUNDAY, March 25th at 5 pm EDT/4pm CDT, G2Factor will discuss Catwoman 7 and the final issue of Tiny Titans #50 on talkshoe.  Yes, we do it all from sexy Selina Kyle to the charming kids within the pages of Tiny Titans.   We highly recommend Tiny Titans to anyone of any age.  This book even gives you a guide as to who the players are, that’s more than you get in Action.  This Eisner Award winning series is also available in trade paperbacks and chapter books.

In May, the Tiny Titans’ creative team will be producing Superman Family Adventures.  People of all ages are looking forward to its debut.   It just may be one of the few examples of a positive view of Superman and his cast of characters in this very dark and hopeless new 52 continuity.

In DCnU news, Wonder Woman fans were rocked with the new origination story presented in issue #7.  The Amazons (who will be dead in Robinson’s Earth 2 series) are no longer a benevolent, independent, empowered female tribe.  The new 52 continues its onslaught of putting female and female influence in a bad light (that’s putting it nicely) within their 14-to-34-year-old male target audience books.

New 52 Amazons maintain their female tribe by boarding ships, having sex with male pirates and killing the sperm donors.  But their treachery and selfishness doesn’t stop there.  Nine months later, the female children are kept and the male children are traded with Haephestus for the  weapons of mass destruction he and the Amazon ‘failures’ (males) construct.  It is Haephestus (male god of technology and craftsmen) who informs Wonder Woman of this centuries long aberration.  It is through his perspective (male) that we see the demonization of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman is rated TEEN.  As a parent, would you want your 14-to-18-year-old sons exposed to this concept of females/women/girls?  Would you want your daughter/sister/mother to read this?  The lack of nobility in the new 52 continues. (Majesty should never be solely conveyed in the collar of a costume.)

Interviews with Bryan Q. Miller, writer of Smallville Season 11, this week.  Remember this premiere digital-first issue will be available on Friday, April 13th, not the usual Wednesday for comic fans, but the usual Friday for Smallville fans.  And if you’re interested in the print compilation (4 issues), May 2nd is the date to mark on your calendar.   Keep in mind, if you purchase a digital issue on your device app, you can read it on the web on Comixology.com.  For those without smartphones, ipods or other such devices, you can register and ‘download’ on Comixology.com to read your digital issues.  If you have a device app but also want to access on the web, it might be a good idea to keep your login name and password the same on the device app account and Comixology account for ease of use.

May 5th (a Saturday) is Free Comic Book Day.  But if you want that Smallville Season 11 print, you better go on that Wednesday before they’re sold out.   Oh, what the heck, go both days!

A special thank you to Marv Wolfman (author of Crisis on Infinite Earths), who brought DCU Online Legends to a satisfactory end.  Lois lives!  (as well as millions of others) Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see her alive in Superman’s arms (or at all) in the final issue, #26.   Good series despite Lois getting fridged.  Still wondering if the writers’ retreat in 2009 said, “Make Lex the star!”   After Cornell’s run in Action and this series, it makes you wonder.

June 12th, Joe Kelly’s Superman vs the Elite will be released.  Based on Action v1 #775’s “What’s so Funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”, this is a quintessential Superman story.  Experience why Superman doesn’t work as an anti-hero especially when the new 52 is shoving anti-heroism upon their icons.   All Superman fans will enjoy this truly noble Man of Steel story.

Should be a lively discussion with all the comics and DCnU news.  Join us on Sunday.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.  Live chat and streaming on talkshoe.



George Perez gave us in depth characters and wove the plots around them.  New enemies while introducing these iconic characters.

Art by Jesus Merino and Nicola Scott.

Giffen and Jurgens have a good foundation to build upon.

Our shows concerning the initial story arc of the new 52 Superman.  Available on iTunes or talkshoe


Superman v3 #1

 Superman v3 #2

Superman v3 #3

Superman v3 #4

Superman v3 #5

Superman v3 #6

There doesn’t appear to be any storylines involving Superman or Catwoman this week, so G2 Factor will not have a show on March 18th.

G2 Factor will return on March 25th.


SUNDAY, March 11th at 5pm ET/4pmCT, G2Factor will be discussing this penultimate issue of Grant Morrison’s Action initial story arc.

For those of you who haven’t read Superman #6, you might want to since it explains A LOT of what is going on in Action #7.  Morrison’s version is the attention deficit disorder, acid trip while Perez’s style succeeds in character origins and plot used as a way to show character growth.   Apparently, readers are to examine closely Morales’ art for clues into what’s happening or might be happening.  If it wasn’t so damn ugly the majority of the time, it would probably be a more satisfying story.

Superman reappeared in DCU Online Legends’ penultimate issue.  Still a possibility that Lois may return to live again along with the other dead JLA members.  BTW, Marv Wolfman did not write the issue where Lois died (#14).

Superman also showed up in Dan Didio’s OMAC book.  Mostly used as a drive-by plot reference.  Apparently there is dating in the OMAC book, but the Co-Publisher won’t allow Clark and Lois to date since he sent the continuity marriage into a black hole of DC history along with their previous Earth 2 marriage.

Possibly more about James Robinson’s Earth 2, but it’s probably not worth our time since it involves yet another Superman we won’t recognize.  And there’s no Lois.  She’s used as  plot device to make our hero miserable and upset (can’t say dark & angry).   This ‘different’ Superman doesn’t sound like one we would enjoy.  And how is a Superman without Lois Lane involvement a different concept in the new 52?  It boggles the mind.

We’ll explore more helpful hints on how to get your Smallville Season 11 digital first comic on April 13th, a Friday.  We all have different devices so we’re checking the ins and outs of making those WEEKLY purchases.  That includes tips for international fans as well.

Things are revving up for Free Comic Book day (May 5th) and Superman Family Adventures (May 30th).  BUT FIRST, May 2nd, a Wednesday, the compilation print version of Smallville Season 11 will hit your local comic book shop.  BE THERE!  They could be sold out by Free Comic Book Day that following Saturday.

Smallville Season 11 sales both digital and print should be so mind boggling that DC will have no other choice but to brag on them and FINALLY release those digital sales statistics.  We know Smallville fans can do it.  So spread the word.  Maybe even convert some Superman fans to this version of our hero.

Join us Sunday, March 11th, either in the chatroom or on live streaming.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, March 4th at 5pm ET/ 4pm CT, G2Factor will discuss Justice League #6 and the newly released Justice League Doom.

This is the final issue of this premiere new 52 story arc of the Justice League dealing with its initial formation.  The new 52 has some new players on the team and will probably get a few more in the months to come.  Heavy hitter villain Darkseid called these heroes together.

Justice League Doom is loosely based on Mark Waid’s JLA Tower of Babble story arc.  Batman has contingency plans for combating all the League members and Vandal Savage has stolen them.  Written by Dwayne McDuffie, who died in February, 2011.

One of our future shows will be what we saw on the Special Features of the Justice League Doom DVD.  In a week or so, Superman Vs. the Elite will premiere at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA.  This story is one of Superman’s best.  Just ask Tasha.  She has sung its praises FOREVER.  Joe Kelly’s 2001 Action Comics #775, What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”  Still as relevant now as it was then, this powerhouse story shows the true core of Superman.  I’ve actually watched the sneak peek more than I did JL Doom.  Mike Carlin, former DC Comics Editor, is now Creative Director of Animation for DC Entertainment.  He spoke about the anti-heroes who rose up in the late 80s and 90s with their dark tales of ambiguous moral codes.  The Elite was a take off of Wildstorm’s (Jim Lee’s) Authority who got the job done by whatever means possible.  Superman and his methods are tested when confronted by the Elite.  It’s a story of “You don’t want to see Superman not being Superman.”  The new 52 could learn something from that.

More DCnU news this week.  Earth 2 by James Robinson has refrigerated Lois Lane once again (4th time in 7 months) so Superman may be at a breaking point to kill.  Wonder Woman is the sole Amazon left on the planet, all her family have been wiped out.  She’s pretty pissed off, too.  Batman, who is always pissed off anyway and wasn’t changed much in the new 52, is angry about his daughter (Helena Wayne).  Does this mean his wife (Selina Kyle) got refrigerated, too?  What was Carlin saying about anti-heroes?  If this is the new 52’s ‘new take’, then they’re dreaming.  With 98% of new 52-buying-survey-takers being returning readers or loyal readers, this is not going down as new at all.  This is the same crap we got before, only Frank Miller did it better.  They can try and retro the history all they like, but people know this tactic and it stinks.

Attention DC:  Despite your spin doctoring on the survey statistics, more than 20% of the new 52-buying-survey-takers were FEMALE.  So you’d better start pondering what this does to your image when you kill off entire tribes of women or the First Lady of Action Comics, Lois Lane, repeatedly.  More than one-fifth of your fanbase may say, “enough is enough!”  And with only 2% of survey takers being new readers — those leaving and disgusted readers are going to be hard to replace.  Why don’t you drop the misogyny and the “girls are icky & don’t read comic books” crap and do some real character driven stories with layers and delve into their psyches because of who and what they are.  Show us how that conflicts with their world in general.  Quit stripping away entire casts of characters to make the Trinity vengeful fighting thugs with no social interaction of any kind.

This rant ain’t over!

Superman is a character of hope.  He inspires us to aspire.  To be better.  And our hope is in Bryan Q. Miller’s digital first comic, Smallville Season 11.  To be released  April 13th, A FRIDAY!    This is a weekly digital comic and if you’re not familiar with those, go to:  OSCK and check out the article on how to obtain the digitals as well as the printed compilation books.  G2Factor is totally supporting this book and hope all other Smallville fans will come join the party.

Live chat room and streaming.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

See ya there!

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