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SUNDAY FEB 19TH at 5 PM ET/4 PM CT, G2Factor will discuss the last issue of Catwoman’s initial story arc for the new 52.  Batman does make an appearance.  Also, we continue our journey for the truth about Funeral For A Friend, the aftermath of the Death of Superman.  Heartfelt and riveting.

G2Factor is excited for the new issues of Superman (monthly), Smallville Season 11 (weekly beginning in April), Superman Family Adventures (monthly beginning in May) and Superman Beyond as well as Action.  5 books with Superman!!!

This week the results of DC Comics new 52 survey completed by Nielsen were released.  No where in any of the discussions was the fact that AT LEAST 1 in 5 readers are FEMALE.  The number of female readers is probably even higher according to some local comic shops.  Unfortunately there were only 167 surveys completed by readers in comic shops.  A billion dollar industry that is virtually dependent on local comic shops for distribution of print is only able to squeeze 167 surveys from its readers?  With a single new 52 #1 issue selling upwards to 200,000, this is unacceptable data for any analysis.

600 surveys were completed by those readers who purchased digital downloads of the new 52 #1s.  Still not a reasonable sample set to derive any notions.  But DC did just that, these two surveys skewed 93% male to 7% female.  Those stats proved their assumptions they were hitting their target audience of young males 14 to 30.

The third venue for surveys was online.  Approximately 5,000 were completed.  Not the best sample size, but not infinitesimal either.  This online survey of DC comics readers who bought a new 52 #1 skewed 77% male to 23% female.  Again, no where in any of the interviews for this survey was it ever mentioned that more than 7% of women were DC comic readers.

In reality, DC seems to be ignoring the more solid data.  Are the boys at DC hiding their heads in the proverbial sand so they don’t have to deal with their female fanbase?   They certainly aren’t embracing it.

Apparently President Diane Nelson of DC Entertainment told her chain of command they needed to measure what was happening with the reboot and all the other projects this billion dollar company has in the works.   It looks as if the guys at DC Comics didn’t take their boss lady seriously with the poor execution of this survey and then ignoring one of the few viable statistics it did yield.

Join us on Sunday for some rowdy discussion on Catwoman, Funeral For A Friend and the events of the week.  Live streaming and live chat room available.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.


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