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SUNDAY!  February 12th at 5pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will be covering the Death of Superman, 1992 – 1993.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane were engaged in 1990.  A couple of years later, the comic writers were planning a wedding.  These plans were POSTPONED due to the future airing of the Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman television series beginning on September 12, 1993.   It was decided that the couple would marry when it could be done both in the comics and on the television show (which would mean waiting a few more years).  What to do?  A year’s worth of plans had to be scrapped.  Jerry Ordway had the answer, “Let’s just kill ‘im.”  Something he said at the beginning of every annual planning session.   This time the writers were so frustrated by the postponement, they agreed.  Let’s just kill Superman.

At that time, Superman had four books a month.  The Death of Superman spans nearly eleven weeks of comics.

In the future, G2Factor will also be covering the subsequent events of Superman’s death.  Funeral for a Friend (A World Without Superman) with 9 issues will follow.

The Superman titles were put on a hiatus for three months before the Return of Superman (or Reign of the Supermen) involving 28 issues which will end this epic moment in comic history.


With the ending of Smallville, the ten year television series, fans wanted more, but careened into the DC reboot of their hero.  However, on February 9th, 2012, Smallville fans were happy to learn former story editor and writer for the show, Bryan Q. Miller (writer of Batgirl, Stephanie Brown comics pre-new 52) would be penning a Smallville Season 11 WEEKLY comic book series picking up 6 months after the Finale.   So tell your mother and your brother, your sister and your cousins, your daddy and your besties to download this electronic comic when it becomes available in April.  A print version of the four previous weeks will be available in May, just one year after the final episode of Smallville aired. It will also include an ‘episode’ guide.   The season premiere ‘episode’ of the comics will run 12 issues long and will have a one word title, just like the show.

G2Factor will cover each weekly issue as well as our favorite Superman stories, be they new 52 or not.

So join us as we discuss the Death of Superman on Sunday on talkshoe.  Live streaming and chat room available.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


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