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This Sunday, February 26th at 5 pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will discuss George Perez’s last issue of his new 52 Superman story arc.  We feel he gave us a good foundation of characterization and relationships despite editorial edicts.  We were looking forward to this issue and it did not disappoint.

George Perez wrote the script and pencilled the cover.  Nicola Scott’s interior pencilling was stellar as usual.  The new team to do the Superman book, Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens, are credited with doing dialogue/story/layouts.  Jesus Merino did the finishes.

The story really came together in this issue.  Loved the story of the nanobytes and their origins.  This all ties in with what Morrison is doing in Action . . . only explained more clearly.  And strength is shown not only in battle, but also in spirit and hope.  A wise Superman figures it all out as his Lois connects with him in his darkest moment.

As we said in our last talk, we are looking forward to the Smallville Season 11 comic to be released on Friday, April 13 as digital downloads through Comixology.   (Dates may change.)  We will get you a step-by-step process on how to get your Smallville fix (written by former show story editor, Bryan Q. Miller) as soon as DC Comics and/or Comixology decide to put this digital download book on their websites so you can ‘pull’ or subscribe.   This is not same day download as print.  This is initial downloading of issues ON A FRIDAY  and then having 4 issues compiled in print form on May 2nd which is a Wednesday, the usual day for comics.   The print issue will contain 48 pages (4 weeks of digital story with 12 pages each).  However that would mean the final 12 pages of story would be released in print on Wednesday before the Friday digital is released?  This information is tentative as DC seems to be still trying to figure out the logistics.

Also more Superman in the comics to look forward to in May with Superman Family Adventures from the Tiny Titans team of Art Baltazar and Franco.  Pick up a sneak preview on Free Comic Book Day.

Superman seems to be the go-to-guy for these new shorter digital comics.  Superman Beyond by J.T. Krul also debuts in April and Superman’s ‘issues’ will be compiled in the monthly Batman Beyond Unlimited series as print.

If these initial digital download comics do well, maybe the Superman book will actually be presented as a combo pack (digital and print) each month like Justice League, Batman and Action.  It would save Superman fans some money.

Give us a listen on live streaming or talk in the live chat on talkshoe.  Downloads are available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!



SUNDAY FEB 19TH at 5 PM ET/4 PM CT, G2Factor will discuss the last issue of Catwoman’s initial story arc for the new 52.  Batman does make an appearance.  Also, we continue our journey for the truth about Funeral For A Friend, the aftermath of the Death of Superman.  Heartfelt and riveting.

G2Factor is excited for the new issues of Superman (monthly), Smallville Season 11 (weekly beginning in April), Superman Family Adventures (monthly beginning in May) and Superman Beyond as well as Action.  5 books with Superman!!!

This week the results of DC Comics new 52 survey completed by Nielsen were released.  No where in any of the discussions was the fact that AT LEAST 1 in 5 readers are FEMALE.  The number of female readers is probably even higher according to some local comic shops.  Unfortunately there were only 167 surveys completed by readers in comic shops.  A billion dollar industry that is virtually dependent on local comic shops for distribution of print is only able to squeeze 167 surveys from its readers?  With a single new 52 #1 issue selling upwards to 200,000, this is unacceptable data for any analysis.

600 surveys were completed by those readers who purchased digital downloads of the new 52 #1s.  Still not a reasonable sample set to derive any notions.  But DC did just that, these two surveys skewed 93% male to 7% female.  Those stats proved their assumptions they were hitting their target audience of young males 14 to 30.

The third venue for surveys was online.  Approximately 5,000 were completed.  Not the best sample size, but not infinitesimal either.  This online survey of DC comics readers who bought a new 52 #1 skewed 77% male to 23% female.  Again, no where in any of the interviews for this survey was it ever mentioned that more than 7% of women were DC comic readers.

In reality, DC seems to be ignoring the more solid data.  Are the boys at DC hiding their heads in the proverbial sand so they don’t have to deal with their female fanbase?   They certainly aren’t embracing it.

Apparently President Diane Nelson of DC Entertainment told her chain of command they needed to measure what was happening with the reboot and all the other projects this billion dollar company has in the works.   It looks as if the guys at DC Comics didn’t take their boss lady seriously with the poor execution of this survey and then ignoring one of the few viable statistics it did yield.

Join us on Sunday for some rowdy discussion on Catwoman, Funeral For A Friend and the events of the week.  Live streaming and live chat room available.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.


SUNDAY!  February 12th at 5pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will be covering the Death of Superman, 1992 – 1993.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane were engaged in 1990.  A couple of years later, the comic writers were planning a wedding.  These plans were POSTPONED due to the future airing of the Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman television series beginning on September 12, 1993.   It was decided that the couple would marry when it could be done both in the comics and on the television show (which would mean waiting a few more years).  What to do?  A year’s worth of plans had to be scrapped.  Jerry Ordway had the answer, “Let’s just kill ‘im.”  Something he said at the beginning of every annual planning session.   This time the writers were so frustrated by the postponement, they agreed.  Let’s just kill Superman.

At that time, Superman had four books a month.  The Death of Superman spans nearly eleven weeks of comics.

In the future, G2Factor will also be covering the subsequent events of Superman’s death.  Funeral for a Friend (A World Without Superman) with 9 issues will follow.

The Superman titles were put on a hiatus for three months before the Return of Superman (or Reign of the Supermen) involving 28 issues which will end this epic moment in comic history.


With the ending of Smallville, the ten year television series, fans wanted more, but careened into the DC reboot of their hero.  However, on February 9th, 2012, Smallville fans were happy to learn former story editor and writer for the show, Bryan Q. Miller (writer of Batgirl, Stephanie Brown comics pre-new 52) would be penning a Smallville Season 11 WEEKLY comic book series picking up 6 months after the Finale.   So tell your mother and your brother, your sister and your cousins, your daddy and your besties to download this electronic comic when it becomes available in April.  A print version of the four previous weeks will be available in May, just one year after the final episode of Smallville aired. It will also include an ‘episode’ guide.   The season premiere ‘episode’ of the comics will run 12 issues long and will have a one word title, just like the show.

G2Factor will cover each weekly issue as well as our favorite Superman stories, be they new 52 or not.

So join us as we discuss the Death of Superman on Sunday on talkshoe.  Live streaming and chat room available.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


SUNDAY!  February 5th at 5 PM ET/4 PM CT, G2Factor will try to guide listeners through the whacky mindset waters of yet another Morrison comic.  For a guy who professed to research the Golden Age of Superman, he’s got an awfully lot of Silver Age stuff in his story arc.


Did he just read Siegel and Shuster’s Action #1 (one issue) and skip to the 1950’s stories?  Is he depending on his Silver Age research for All Star Superman?   He tosses out names like we’re supposed to know who these people/beings are (we don’t, so surely new readers won’t have a clue) and then he never names  Smarmy Guy — is he supposed to be Mxy?  This isn’t a mystery as much as it is holding back by the author and pummeling us with ubiquitous red herrings supposedly for that big final finish.  Do we seriously believe Morrison will tie up all the loose ends?

This issue had two titles.  The second was unnecessary since young Clark Kent flying was never the center of the story.  Also how did The Collector’s old ship become young Superman’s Fortress of Solitude after he fought the Terminauts if he was still leaping tall buildings in a single bound?  Did he leap into space to get there?  Really?  Since this issue had the second title involving flying, wouldn’t he have flown there?  And if so, when did he start flying on his own (without a Legion ring)?  THESE are the things we want to know especially in a supposed ‘origins story’ which should become foundational continuity.  It isn’t.  It’s about Morrison and his ideas more than it is about establishing Superman as a character.  Maybe Grant should go out and find another cosplayer to talk to — this time, one who understands Clark Kent and Lois Lane as well as Superman.


Big thanks to Andy Kubert’s art giving us some good emotional moments.

So . . . Sholly Fisch gave us another terrific story with heart about Clark’s past.  Can’t he write the main story?  He did a fantastic job with the Superman Adventures.

Also this Sunday, we will be discussing Superman’s role in the DCnU, the triangle for two and how it’s changed, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Join G2 Factor on talkshoe in the live chatroom or listen on live streaming.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!

Question of the week (almost every week):  Is the true villain of the Superman stories DC editorial/management?

Other question of the week:  Does Rags Morales have to come back as artist?

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