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SUNDAY, January 29th at 5pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will talk about this penultimate issue of George Perez’s story arc.  Great cliffhanger at the end to make us excited for Superman #6.  Hopefully some things will be resolved.

What is up with the bugs?  Bugs in Action Comics in Superman’s past and now bugs in his present.  Apparently there will be even more bugs in his future when Giffen and Jurgens take over writing and drawing the Superman comic.

G2Factor would like to encourage listeners to find a local comic shop (if you haven’t already) and buy back issues of Superman’s story.  Find out when your LCS has sales on their back issues.  You may find you can get some great comics for pennies on the dollar.  Why would you want to buy old comic books?  Because you just might find the Superman/Clark Kent you’ve always loved.

Live chatroom and live streaming available.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Superman also appeared in Justice League #5 this week.  We’ll talk a bit about that, too.  As well as . . . DCnU news!!!  Most of it bad with a glimmer of hope (with some fanwanking, maybe).  The more we hear about editorial, the worse it gets.  Does DC stand for Disinformation Central?

Talk should be lively.





G2Factor will discuss Catwoman #5 on January 22 at 5 pm ET/ 4pm CT on talkshoe.   Did Selina survive her long drop through the atmostphere?  How many lives does she have left?

Other topics of interest:

Supergirl #5

Nightwing #5

Preview pages of Superman 5

Earth 2

Tom Welling sighting

new DC Logos – yes, plural

Rob Liefeld writing 3 comics?? (only drawing one of those)

Plus other internet news.

So join us as we steer through the rapid waters of change through the new DCU and the internet.


Isn’t he handsome?  Clark finally graduates from high school but does he move on?  From being naked in a cornfield (with Lois Lane!!!) to arriving in the Arctic (Fortress of Solitude!!!), Clark Kent’s life and adventures steamrolled through Season 4.

SATURDAY, January 14th at 6p ET G2Factor will exude their enthusiam for these episodes:


This was the first season where Clark meets Lois and Veritas began to formulate on our screens.

What were your favorite episodes of Season 4 and why?

Join us on Saturday.  Live streaming and live chat available.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.



This is the variant cover — and no, you don’t see this scene in the issue.  Wish we had.

SATURDAY!!! January 7th at 6 pm ET/5 pm CT G2Factor will discuss Grant Morrison’s Action Comic #5.  This non-linear issue gives us several timelines to contend with.  Most precious and dear is the House of El during the destruction of Krypton.  Many familiar elements are present and with Andy Kubert’s pencils, reading it was smooth.   Jonathan Kent especially reminded us of Smallville’s handsome John Schneider Pa Kent.

Sholly Fisch gave us a back story about Jonathan and Martha Kent.  This is where we see the hope and faith that is so important to a Superman story.

And why is present day Superman going back in time?

Join us on Saturday as we try to figure it all out.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

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