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FRIDAY!  G2Factor will be meeting at 6pm ET on December 30th to discuss Superman #4 on talkshoe.

Did anyone notice the bugs on this cover are reminiscent of the ones crawling on the outside of the bottled city of Metropolis in Action?

Written by George Perez with pencils by Jesus Merino.

Lois Lane may have a new job but it seems all the other characters gravitate towards her.

Is Pizzy a possibility?

Miko as the ‘snoopy woman’?

Jimmy and Clark as Trekkies??

Clark obviously is familiar with Mr. Spock and how his parents were Vulcan/human (They didn’t seem to have any problems conceiving!)  We live in hope.

How do you think the Superman writers are retelling the ‘triangle made for two’?

Join us on Friday in the live chatroom and/or live streaming.  Downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!



TONITE!  DECEMBER 23rd at 6pm ET, G2Factor discusses Justice League #4 and maybe Catwoman #4, too.  Aquaman appears, Cyborg’s origins move forward and Wonder Woman (introduced in #3) doesn’t say much at all.  Superman is only six months older in Justice League than he is in Action Comics — so don’t expect much personal growth.

Kal-El got mentioned a couple of times in Supergirl #4 but we didn’t get to see his presence.

Now that we’ve been reading the comics for a while, we’d like to know what your favorite Superman stories are.  Have you been hitting the back bins since the new 52?  If you want stories with heart, that’s the place to go.

Superman #4 comes out on 12/28.  Perez has put some heart into it despite the circumstances.  Previews don’t show Lois but Superman and the frozen reporter are in the police station.

So join us on this special holiday night in the live chatroom and/or listen on live streaming.  Downloads are available on talkshoe and iTunes.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


The REAL star of Season 4, SHELBY!

SATURDAY, December 17th at 6pm ET/5pm CT, G2Factor will talk more about their favorite episodes of Smallville Season 4.


Season 4 brought many mythos characters into the Smallville realm.  LOIS LANE, GENERAL LANE, BART ALLEN aka Impulse/The Flash, a really bad version of Mister MXYZPTLK, a character named after comic writer GEOFF JOHNS, Shelby the dog as KRYPTO, LUCY LANE, and a glimpse of the formulation of the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE.  Truly Season 4 was one of the best of the series.

Some news about the SUPERMAN comic when they switch writers in March, 2012.  Dan Jurgens, creator of Doomsday and Booster Gold, was one of the creators when the Clark and Lois relationship heated up and they got married after 58 years of ‘dating’.  Keith Giffen, creator of Ambush Bug (don’t ask), also is very familiar with the 90s version of the Man of Steel.

Join us in our live chatroom, listen to the live streaming or download on talkshoe or iTunes.  Possible aftershow.


SUNDAY! December 11 at 5 pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will dissect Action #4, written by Grant ‘I’m a genius’ Morrison with pencils by Rags ‘make em ugly’ Morales.   Variant cover above was done by Mike Choi.  You knew that, right?  It’s pretty not ugly.

There’s a back up story, well really it’s a let’s-take-the-fight-outside story, about John Henry Irons AKA Steel.

After reading this issue, you won’t have to read Action until issue #7 since that’s where this story picks up again.  Why?  Reasonable question.  It’s Lets-jerk-them-around-some-more Morrison.  He’s a ‘genius.’

In issues 5 & 6 the backup story will be about Jonathan and Martha Kent’s early days.  Backup stories are written by Sholly Fisch.  Andy Kubert will be doing the art on the main story so no uglies.

In the write up regarding this issue, DC said the scope of the story would be blinding.  Don’t know why.  Closest to blindness you get is scrunching your eyes in complete bewilderment.  This isn’t a rollercoaster, it’s Dodge-Em Cars. Start, stop, crash, start  . . .

Now if Morrison puts in Superman’s and Lois’ first meeting in issues 5 & 6, which I doubt cause he’s heartless like that, but if he did, then maybe there’s hope for this rebooted ‘origination’ story.  Origination story about villains mostly.

We have live chatroom and streaming as well as downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Next week DC is only releasing the TPB with all the DCnU #1s.  So next week we’ll be doing another Smallville Season 4 episode show.

Superman #4 comes out December 28th.


It was only a matter of time until . . . LOIS!

SUNDAY!  December 4th at 5 pm ET, G2Factor will be talking about our favorite first six episodes of Smallville Season 4.  The groundbreaking arrival of Lois Lane to the Smallville series.  She’s still the inquisitive, intelligent crusader that adds spice to Clark Kent’s life.

Last week the Season 10 DVDs and Complete Series box set were released.  G2Factor plans on reviewing some of the extras in the coming months.

We’ll be talking about Action Comics (the original is still worth MILLIONS) and Superman comics regularly.

So join us in the live chatroom while listening to the live streaming.  Downloads are available on talkshoe & iTunes.

Always hold onto Smallville!

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