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While Superman fights yet another monster with dubious origins (no, it’s not Grant Morrison, darnit), G2Factor will be talking about Superman #2.   THIS IS A SUPERMAN STORY!  And that’s a damn good thing.  George Perez and Jesus Merino give us more story in 25 pages then all the Action panels do in 40.

With one framed picture, Perez reveals how BS-Superman meets Lois Lane and she writes the story of the century.  All smiles and loving who they are is captured in that moment — and this is a prop that Lois shows to Clark Kent.  Oh yea, Clark Kent is in this book, too.  Not Harry Potter Clark either.  The real deal.

After reading this issue, I reread Superman #1 (which was the 5th best selling comic in September & got a 2nd printing this month).  There is a cohesive story going on.  So many clues to follow in the mystery of these monsters showing up in Metropolis.   We’re intrigued.

Watch Superman be the “damsel in distress” whom Lois assists in saving him and Metropolis.

Such a well constructed, written, drawn book!!!  A must read!  Full of heart and hope — a true Superman story.

So join us on Saturday, October 29th at 6 pm EDT.  G2Factor  has live chat room and streaming as well as downloads on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there!


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