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Morrison straps Superman down so Lex can talk even more!


Yep, we’re changing the day this week.  On October 9th at 6pm ET (5pm CT) G2Factor will be discussing the new Action #2.  Written by Grant Morrison with pencils by Rags Morales and additional pencils by Brent Anderson.   This issue featured behind the scene interviews with Morrison, Morales and Gene Ha, who will be doing the Kryptonian scenes in the next issue.

More get-the-red-out-needs-Visine guy AKA tortured Superman with a new power.  At least he talked to Lois.

Also we may even talk about DCU Online Legends #15.  Very sad issue.  Remember this deals with the previous incarnation of Superman.  He and Lois are married.

G2Factor is so excited.  A tiny celebrity will be joining us this week.  He’s a very special guest.

tiny Superman!

The latest sensation! He makes us smile.

He couldn’t have come at a better time.  He’s been saving Superman fans from the icky DCnU monster.  And has been inspiring hope with all he comes in contact.  A true Superman!!!

So remember we’re on Sunday this week!  Live streaming and chat.  Aftershow.  Downloads are available on iTunes and talkshoe.  So join us.



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