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Barry gives us DC's version of One More Day

What’s really going on in the DC Universe?  From comic history and wikipedia:

In 2007, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada felt dissolving the Peter Parker and Mary Jane marriage and returning Spider-Man to his roots was necessary to preserve the longevity of the character for the next 20 or 30 years. Quesada said he and other previous editors-in-chief had long been seeking an opportunity to begin a new methodology in which to tell Spider-Man stories, but had not found a reasonable way to do so. Quesada said, “It’s very easy to un-marry a character, or fix something like that: you just do a huge universal retcon, and say a few events in history didn’t happen. But that’s really not the way we do it here at Marvel.” But that ended up being exactly what they did.  (emphasis mine)

In Spidey’s case, this is how the scenario went:

After his Aunt has been shot, Spider-Man seeks help to save her life. He encounters the demon Mephisto, who offers to save her life if Spider-Man gives him his marriage. Spider-Man and his wife Mary Jane Watson agree, and this part of their history is erased so that, effectively, they have never been married.

In the DC version (Flashpoint series), it is the Flash’s mother who has murdered by the Reverse Flash and Barry doesn’t want her dead.  So he runs back through time to change events.  He thinks it is Thawne who has changed the world, but it is his own actions.  He tries to reset things to where they were before, but unfortunately he resets history.

This week in a NY Times interview, Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Comics had this to say regarding the DC retcon:

DC, which is owned by Time Warner, has long lagged behind its rival Marvel Comics, the Disney-owned publisher of Spider-Man and Captain America, in market share if not audience enthusiasm. Its latest company-wide overhaul has been almost a year in the making, devised in October at an editorial retreat where staff members were trying to create a love triangle for Superman,who wed Lois Lane in 1966.

Once the team decided it did not have to be bound by this marital detail, “we started talking about a lot of crazy, what-if situations, and out of that openness came the idea of renumbering the entire line,” said Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Comics and an illustrator of the new Justice League series. (emphasis mine)

Superman fans greatest fears came true this week when DC pulled a Spidey, not just with Superman’s marriage but with all it’s other married characters except . . . Animal Man.

Marvel did it first, but does DC Comics think they’ll do it better?  These and other questions will arise as we discuss the chaperoning in of the new DCnU.

Three of these Superheroes are not in this issue & Cyborg is not a hero yet.

Justice League #1 begins to show us the development of this group of superheroes.  In this new world, people have xenophobia and it’s not just the ordinary joes.  Written by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee.  Apparently we’ll be getting hero intros at the end of each issue.  So no real surprises here.

Man of Steel, the movie, has been releasing photos of Cavill in the super suit.  We’ll be discussing our reactions.

Join us on Saturday, September 3rd at 6pm ET at G2Factor.  Live streaming & chatroom.  Aftershow.  Downloads on talkshoe & iTunes.

Hope you’ll join us.


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