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Two Clark & Lois marriages are represented in this arc

As a Superman fan, are you disturbed by all the news coming out about the drastic reboot of the Superman story?  Are you fine with it?  As someone not yet into reading comics, are you intrigued by these turn of events, enough to purchase the books?

The new ‘Bruce Springsteen style’ Superman will be more Kal-El than Clark, leaping not flying, orphaned x2, and single.  He is utterly alone, brooding, angsty, and has no Earthly tethers.

Grant Morrison who never was keen on the marriage is writing the Action series with the younger BS Superman.  And Superman will have a different relationship with Jimmy that no one has ever thought of before.

George Perez is in charge of the Superman book which will deal with the present and relationships (or the lack thereof).

Lois is dating someone at the Daily Planet – not Clark and she has a different job there.

We’re sure there will be more news since Comic Con starts preview night on July 20th.

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