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Kal-El, government test subject

July 27th pick up Flashpoint Project Superman #2.  General Sam Lane thinks of Kal-El as more than a specimen.  Also on sale on Wednesday is Lois Lane and the Resistance #2 and Action 903.

G2Factor will be discussing these comics on Saturday, July 30th at 6 pm ET.  Also more on the Superman Reboot.

Only one more month of comics that may or may not address the Kent marriage.  During Comic Con we found out our OTP were not the only victims of Marriage Wipeout Syndrome.  Except for Animal Man (Morrison would probably quit if they touched his precious.) every other married couple will be without spouse or they’ve completely disappeared from the DC storytelling horizon (Wally West).  Matrimony and females are icky apparently in the DC comic book mentality.

Check out last Saturday’s G2Factor show about the Reboot.  Live streaming and chatroom available with downloads on talkshoe or iTunes.

G2Factor is compromised mostly of  female Superman fans.  We read comics!  We are artists and storytellers.  Don’t forget about us, DC.  Our money is just as good as 14 to 34 year old males.



Superman Reboot: Nightmare or Bobby Ewing Dream?

Yes, Clark, your Post Crisis marriage was just a dream and maybe not even that.

On July 23rd at 6pm ET, G2Factor will have a special call in show for callers to express their concerns regarding the DC Relaunch/Superman Reboot.

With Comic Con going strong, lots of misinformation and attitude as well as scraps of information are being disseminated.   DC seems to be shooting themselves in the foot as this opportunity to reach out to fans seems to go wasted.

If you are a Smallville fan and were just getting into comics or wanted to start reading comics, there are a lot of changes which will make the Superman story unrecognizable to you.  Let DC know how they may be losing you as a prospective new reader.

If you are not able to call in but want DC to know your thoughts on this drastic change to the DCU, we have a few other ways to contact them.

We’d like to advise you to BE RESPECTFUL, CLEAR & CONCISE even if you feel DC has not been to you or your favorite characters.

Here are the peeps:

Diane Nelson, President

Dan Didio, Co-Publisher

Jim Lee, Co-Publisher

Matt Idelson, Senior Editor

The main DC offices are here:

DC Comics

1700 Broadway, 7th floor

New York, NY 10019-5905

Phone: 212-636-5400

Fax: 212-636-5481

You can also reach DC through DC Letters email.  Here is that webpage:  DC Letters Page

Make your voice heard and QUICKLY!


Two Clark & Lois marriages are represented in this arc

As a Superman fan, are you disturbed by all the news coming out about the drastic reboot of the Superman story?  Are you fine with it?  As someone not yet into reading comics, are you intrigued by these turn of events, enough to purchase the books?

The new ‘Bruce Springsteen style’ Superman will be more Kal-El than Clark, leaping not flying, orphaned x2, and single.  He is utterly alone, brooding, angsty, and has no Earthly tethers.

Grant Morrison who never was keen on the marriage is writing the Action series with the younger BS Superman.  And Superman will have a different relationship with Jimmy that no one has ever thought of before.

George Perez is in charge of the Superman book which will deal with the present and relationships (or the lack thereof).

Lois is dating someone at the Daily Planet – not Clark and she has a different job there.

We’re sure there will be more news since Comic Con starts preview night on July 20th.

Join us on talkshoe on Saturday, July 23rd at 6 pm ET.  G2 FACTOR  Live chat and streaming as well as downloads on talkshoe & iTunes after the show.


Saturday, July 16 at 6 pm G2Factor talks about animation and the comics.

JLA mourn Superman

Justice League Unlimited’s Hereafter I & II. Toyman along with the Superman Revenge Squad manage to make Superman disappear while the rest of the Justice League mourn his passing, fight villains and try to replace the Man of Steel. 30,000 years in the future, Vandal Savage is the only living human on Earth until he gets a visit from . . . Written by the late Dwayne McDuffie.  The second part is a must see if you’re a fan of Tom Welling’s summer off work look. [wink]

Clark "dies"

The Late Clark Kent, a Superman The Animated Series episode, has Superman leaving his Clark Kent identity to solve a murder before the execution of an innocent man.  Story writer, Stan Berkowitz.

Superman #713, Clark Kent Abandons Superman. Written by Chris Roberson, this penultimate issue of Grounded gives us a Superman and Clark Kent fan’s perspective and knowledge of the character. We’ve missed Clark Kent for years. Hopefully he’ll be around after the #1’s start in September.

Join us in the live chat room or listening on streaming. Also there will be an aftershow. Downloads on talkshoe & iTunes.


DC Comics surprised us this week with Flashpoint #3: Project Superman Revealed.  We’re very excited about this issue.  (Find out what Geoff Johns did to Krypto!  Bad Geoff!)

What did they do to Baby Kal-El?

Also, we will be discussing comic book stories that appeal to us.  The Search for Kryptonite from Superman/Batman and elseworlds such as Speeding Bullets and Superman Monster to name a few.

So join us on Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 6 pm ET at G2Factor.  We’re on talkshoe and that allows us to have live streaming and chat as well as downloads from talkshoe and iTunes.  We usually have an after show so stick around to talk to us.

Thanks to all our regulars!  We truly appreciate you.

Tom and Eric are hot!

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