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Kal-El's ship crashes into Metropolis instead of Smallville

Today, Wednesday, June 29, 2011, Flashpoint: Project Superman hits the comic book shops.  So go get yours!  There are pins associated with each Flashpoint comic so collect those as well.  Unless Diamond forgets to ship them again.

Since Kal-El is not ending in Smallville in this topsy turvy Flashpoint world, he may have a very different history unfold.  Possible military capture and experimentation.  And there appears to be two project subjects.  Notice the white haired dude on the cover.  He’s probably Subject Zero.  Kal-El is probably Subject One — notice the S1 insignia on the cover.

Will we ever see the beginnings of Clark Kent in this story?  Possibly but that could be fan wanking on my part.  So in that spirit, G2 Factor is going to be discussing this comic and all the great Clark Kent stories with heart and hope that we love.

Join us on Saturday, July 2nd at 6pm ET for all the fun.  Here at G2 Factor.  There is live streaming and chat as well as an aftershow.  Also you can download on iTunes and talkshoe after the show is completed.

If you would like to read some great Clark Kent stories, you can catch some on Intro to Superman Comics 101.

Hope to see you on Saturday.  We take questions from the chat room and talk to folks who call in during the aftershow.


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