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Kal-El's ship crashes into Metropolis instead of Smallville

Today, Wednesday, June 29, 2011, Flashpoint: Project Superman hits the comic book shops.  So go get yours!  There are pins associated with each Flashpoint comic so collect those as well.  Unless Diamond forgets to ship them again.

Since Kal-El is not ending in Smallville in this topsy turvy Flashpoint world, he may have a very different history unfold.  Possible military capture and experimentation.  And there appears to be two project subjects.  Notice the white haired dude on the cover.  He’s probably Subject Zero.  Kal-El is probably Subject One — notice the S1 insignia on the cover.

Will we ever see the beginnings of Clark Kent in this story?  Possibly but that could be fan wanking on my part.  So in that spirit, G2 Factor is going to be discussing this comic and all the great Clark Kent stories with heart and hope that we love.

Join us on Saturday, July 2nd at 6pm ET for all the fun.  Here at G2 Factor.  There is live streaming and chat as well as an aftershow.  Also you can download on iTunes and talkshoe after the show is completed.

If you would like to read some great Clark Kent stories, you can catch some on Intro to Superman Comics 101.

Hope to see you on Saturday.  We take questions from the chat room and talk to folks who call in during the aftershow.


Superman in the Comics (or Not in Them)

Op Ed by Holli

From Superman Batman #76 where the marriage still thrived periodically

I am no longer going to worry about the lawsuits since there is a difference between US copyright and international trademark laws. DC would not lose rights to the international trademarks. I just hope that both parties come to an amicable agreement so we can continue consuming products of this American icon. Be grownups, people, and do what is right. It’s what Superman would do.

So let’s talk about what DC has been giving us in way of Superman stories over the past few years. Apparently these books have warranted a revamp of the original superhero for DC’s relaunch. Not our fault!

DC, you’ve already tortured us with year long arcs that have nothing to do with the character who has a dual identity and a home life. This is the guy we’ve related to for over seventy years. Not Kal-El living with 100,000 Kryptonians who we know will die anyway because that would totally take away his uniqueness on Earth. And not the guy who never communicates with his wife, Lois Lane, or his mother or the people at the Daily Planet. And certainly not the guy walking across America while mind controlled in a cape and tights. We’ve had no enlightenment regarding the character or how he feels about his adopted country or planet or the people he left behind. Give us back Clark Kent and the real Superman. Give us back the guy who fights for the things he loves, his adopted country, planet, city and his wife, Lois Lane. Although they have been married for 15 years now, we’ve only seen about 12 years of married life since Clark/Superman/Kal-El or whatever they’re calling him now has been off planet or grounded. I believe the current writers haven’t done the marriage justice at all. Do they think marriage is passe’? Do they think superheros shouldn’t love or work from their hearts in order to be an inspiring light of hope for people instead of a to-be-feared creature of the night? Does anyone at DC really understand the Superman character at all?

Now DC is telling us they need to revamp Superman’s story because, y’know . . . he’s not Batman. Superman isn’t as cool as Batman or at least that appears to be the editorial attitude. Just look at how many Batman related books there are . . now compare them to the number of Superman books. They’re even dialing back the odometer on Action! What the hell is that? BTW, Superman was yanked from Action for almost two years to make way for Mon-El and Lex Luthor with a cyborg Lois and everybody else’s villains making appearances. Yea, creative. Where’s Superman?

In Action 900, David S. Goyer, who is writing/wrote the Man of Steel movie script, had Superman contemplating renouncing his American citizenship. Yep, not only is marriage passe’ apparently but also being an American. Chris Roberson in the Superman books gave us back the guy who loves America and what it means. Thanks, Chris!

Next week we will see how DC will prepare us for Action #1 and Superman #1 in September. Flashpoint: Project Superman. It appears we still won’t have our Clark Kent back since his ship crashes into Metropolis instead of Smallville at the Kent’s feet. Can you say clones & government intervention into alien life forms? Oh joy. That still means no Kents, no Daily Planet and no Lois Lane affiliations. Yea, it’s edgy alright.

So Shakespeare. . .oops, Grant Morrison is writing Action #1 and as anyone who has been reading comics for the last decade can tell you. Once Morrison is done with a book, it takes a nose dive. Every character’s books of the 52 in the relaunch has some kind of information regarding what we can expect – EXCEPT for Superman. Telling those potential new readers that Grant Morrison is writing Superman’s story is like telling a three year old what Bono’s real name is. They don’t know and they don’t care. Just read them the Little Prince or Dr. Seuss so they can get into the story.

DC, WRITE GREAT STORIES. Quit trying to fix something that wasn’t broke until you decided to “get creative or energized or edgy.” If you can’t find someone who adores Superman and understands his story inside out – then GO FIND THEM!  He has fans out here who are willing to read good stories about him – and tell all their friends who have never picked up a comic that they should.

Comic fans, be prepared for Superman Batman to go back to the past where they initially team up in a three issue arc before September. At present, there is no Superman Batman #1 coming out. Superman fans adore this book since it has given us great stories over the past three years which we relished because Action and Superman were . . .boring. That’s it, DC, take away something comic readers loved so you can get new readers with your gimmick. Really? Hopefully Superman Batman will return later on – it does have Batman in it and God forbid they’d ever cancel a Batman book. Oy!

On a brighter note, can’t wait to read Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance!  It’s about time this character got some limelight. .. well, hopefully she will. Everyone with half a brain knows that she and whatever form Superman takes will hook up eventually even though they have separate books. It’s because Lois is so fantastic a human being and reporter. She fights the good fight without superpowers or gadgets and inspires Clark/Superman.

My list of things I want from DC is not that long or unreasonable. 1. CLARK ‘FREAKIN’ KENT!  2. Working at the Daily Planet as a mild mannered reporter. 3. Superman protecting Metropolis and the world. 4. Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman STILL MARRIED – don’t wimp out on us, DC. 5. Write strong characters that drive the plots for this unique character and his loved ones.

Superman fans love stories about hope, love, truth and justice. We’re not afraid of a bump in the road, but don’t have us wait at the rest stop for the highway to be built. Waiting for OUR Superman is OVER!  Patience is a virtue – it shouldn’t be mandatory in order to read GREAT Superman stories.


Lois Lane intrepid reporting in Batman: HUSH

From day one in Action #1 (1938), Lois Lane has been prominently featured in the Superman story.  Not just as a love interest but a self sufficient, gutsy, confident, capable career woman with enough Chutzpah and spirit to light up a metropolitan city for decades.  She’s won a Pulitzer and is a well respected journalist of the Daily Planet and the world.

Her husband, Clark Kent, says she has a good heart.  Batman says Lois is the brains of the couple; Superman does not disagree.   She is his hero, hope, and love, forever and always.  She is his one and only!

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance #1 arrives in comic shops everywhere and online.  Be sure to get your copy.  The story may not be what you expect.  There is no Superman or Clark Kent involved.

For our show on Saturday, June 25th at 6pm ET, we will be discussing Lois Lane in all her incarnations.  Besides her appearances in the many Superman books and in her own Silver Age book, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, she has been in Batman, Birds of Prey, Nightwing, Wonder Woman, JLA, as well as other books, special editions, elseworlds, animation, movies and television.

We’re quickly gathering some of our favorite stories and those that show everyone why Superman/Clark Kent finds his soulmate so irresistible.  She is a superhero without superpowers or gadgets.  She is one hell of a lady.  Come and tell us why you love her as much as we do.

If you would like to read some great Lois stories, you can catch some on Intro to Superman Comics 101.

To take part on chat or the aftershow, go to G2FACTOR talkshoe.  There is live streaming and downloads from talkshoe and iTunes after the completion of the show.  Hope to see you there!


Yes, weddingS. There have been a few over the comic ages between Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane. Our discussion on Sat June 18th @ 6 pm ET will include Action #484 (Golden Age/Earth 2), the Wedding Album from 1996 (Modern Age), Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman, and Smallville.

Action #484 where Earth 2 Clark & Lois wed twice

Both Action #484 and Smallville have TWO weddings each. Think KRYPTONIAN.

In 1993, DC Comics had to ditch their wedding plans as the Lois and Clark television show was just about to air. It was decided to wait until they could marry the iconic couple both on television and in comics simultaneously. This sparked the birth of Doomsday and the Death of Superman. In 1996, the modern world released a bated breath, when Clark and Lois FINALLY wed in continuity.

The Wedding Album cover was reminiscent of the Beatles' White Album.

Go here for further information on our show G2FACTOR TALKSHOE

There will be a live chatroom and streaming. Possible aftershow. Downloads available on talkshoe and iTunes.

Want Some Levity in Your Life? Join Us on Saturday

Remember when comics were synonymous with the funny papers?  Superman stories have become serious business.  Literally and figuratively.  And disappointingly that trend will continue through the DC Comic reboot.

We’ve decided to lighten up and will be discussing two of our favorite light-hearted stories, full of mythos and fantasy. Digging in the back issues again.

Sexy and fun!

Superman vs. Dracula written by Jeph Loeb (Superman v2 #180). Watch as Clark, Lois and Jimmy spend the night in a mysterious Count’s castle. Lois Lane Kent on the moors late at night. Oh my!








Sexy & fun, but in a different way

“Tell Me If You’ve Heard This One . . . ” Superman/Batman Annual #1 written by Joe Kelly. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meet for the first time on a cruise ship. Smallville fans will recognize Deathstoke and Ultraman as well as be introduced to the AntiMatter World’s Superwoman and Owlman. Pandemonium ensues. Why isn’t Lois Lane sharing her suite?

Support back issues and your local comics shop.  There will be discussion regarding the DC Comics reboot also — that’s for sure!

Join us on Saturday at 6pm ET on http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/97368  Live streaming and chat.  Downloads available on talkshoe and iTunes after show.

Hope to see you there!


pic from Newsarama

In Flashpoint, Kal-El crashes into Metropolis not Smallville

Nearly three years ago, Clark Kent, Daily Planet reporter, disappeared from the Superman books. Superman went off to New Krypton relinquishing any of his Earthly ties to live with 100,000 other Kryptonians. No longer Clark Kent or Superman, but Kal-El. No longer reporter, husband or Metropolis’ superhero.

Lana Lang and now Kara Lang have the Daily Planet featured in the Supergirl comics. Superman and Clark Kent were removed from Action Comics for a year so Lex Luthor with a Lois Lane cyborg and other villains could have their ‘due.’

After War of the Supermen with tens of thousands of Kryptonians dead, Superman decides to ‘walk the Earth’ to reconnect to humans. Not go back to the life he left, but to wander around mind controlled by some mysterious entity. Again, his reporter persona was seen in a single panel during this year long arc.

What on Earth is happening to the greatest superhero of all time? He’s being torn apart by lawsuits. Not unusual for him to have those looming. The Siegel and Shuster families have fought with DC and Warner Brothers for decades. However, within the past couple of years, the Families have been granted rights to certain aspects of the Superman character and his history as portrayed in the first six issues of Action comics. Deadline for DC and Warners = 2013. That’s when they share rights with the Families.

The Families have no means to write stories and distribute them unless they hold their rights up for auction. A split Superman story is a diminished Superman story. He is no longer the character that has been revered for over 7.5 decades. Bottom line: DC & Warners are going to have to get the checkbook out and settle it or everyone loses. In 22* years, it all goes to public domain, if there’s anything left.

In the meantime . . . we’re possibly getting a cloned Superman in Flashpoint. According to World of Flashpoint, Kal-El’s ship crashed into Metropolis destroying it. We know there is a Superman arc in this series coming out this month, titled Flashpoint: Project Superman. Sounds like good ole cloning. Lois Lane has her own arc as well. Lois Lane and the Resistance also premieres this month. This character is not only a journalist but a freedom fighter who has gone behind enemy lines to gain valuable insight into what the Amazons are doing. Both characters are not what you know that was started in Action #1.

Is Flashpoint our Crisis on Infinite Earths? Should it be titled Crisis on Infinite Worlds/Dimensions?

In September, Flashpoint ends and the rebooting of 52 comics takes place. Action and Detective Comics will go to #1 along with the rest. Insanity since both books are close to achieving #1000 status in a short period of time.

But what about the Superman story? Will we ever see Clark Kent again? I’m guessing, probably not since he is one of the elements that the Families have the rights to. What we may end up with Superman #1 is the cloned Superman from Flashpoint. Different background and history. Lois Lane may play a part in his story since she may be the only one to get him pointed in the right direction. The Kents would not have existed in his story.

How long will these new story arcs for ‘new’ readers last? I give it a year, maybe two depending on what happens at the negotiating table of DC/Warners and the Siegel/Shusters. The appearance of this ‘other world’ Superman is just the beginning if the two parties cannot negotiate a solution to allow Superman, the original, to live and thrive in the neverending story.


*95 years from publication for works published 1923–1963 (Copyrights prior to 1923 have expired.)


Will we be asking this after the latest DC Comic reboot?

Listen to our discussion regarding ‘Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?’ by Alan Moore. You can download free on talkshoe.com or iTunes podcast. Before the last Superman reboot, DC Comics wanted to tie up the Silver/Bronze Age Superman’s story to make way for a fresh start. It was marketed as the last Superman comic in the mid-80’s. Which it was not. In fact, Superman ended up with five books in one year after his death and restoration.

Also during this podcast, we talk about the latest DC Comic reboot and how it may effect Superman. We take on the hard questions such as why some fan boys think Superman should be with Wonder Woman. Apparently it all revolves around if Clark and Lois can have sex or not. Yes, we ventured into the Clois Coitus chat once again.

So enjoy!


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