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There will be no G2Factor on Sunday as the new readers in our group are disheartened and disgusted by DC Comics treatment of their beloved characters.

G2HARDCORE on Saturday, October 18th at 5pm ET will address the following:

Metaphors used in the fauxmance’s last issue

The humiliation of Lois Lane and her fans

The cynicism and the dudebro mindset of the new 52

The usual stuff.


Here is one thing on the agenda:



Nothing like insulting Lois Lane fans and telling them their money is not needed for Superman sales.

All those brainy females are ugly and freaks.  Nice message, DC Comics.

The Silver Age is gone, right?  Guess not.  Welcome to the Age of Superdouchery.


Livestreaming and chat available. Wish to comment during the show, please go into chatroom.  Also podcast is available on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Beware, HARDCORE can last 4.5 hours. The place to be is talkshoe.com Show #97368




You will not find the above panel in the new 52 Doomed arc, but if you’d like a synopsis of what happened in the previous Doomsday arc, issue Action 692 has it and more.   Let us enjoy Lois Lane and her men, Clark Kent and Superman.

This weekend May 17 & 18, we will be having two shows.

G2HARDCORE on Sat at 5pm ET, Tej and Holli will be discussing Doomed #1, Action #31, and the fauxmance #8.  And maybe Future’s End #2 which is reported to have Lois Lane in it, too.  We may be wearing hazmat suits if the previews were any indications.

G2FACTOR on Sun at 5pm ET/4pm CT, we will be discussing Smallville LANTERN and maybe SUPERBOY.  Plus any new 52 news.

Unfortunately for both shows and Superman fans, SUPERMAN UNCHAINED was moved AGAIN.  This time to May 28th.  The more they put this book off the more we get worried that Snyder will have changed his story to accommodate Lee and the direction of the new 52.

Live chat and streaming at both shows on talkshoe.  Also downloads available after the show on talkshoe and iTunes.

Hope to see you there!




On Saturday, April 19, G2HARDCORE talked about the difficult and controversial subjects regarding comic books, comic book fandom and the comic book industry:

Why do some males threaten violence towards females when they express an opinion? Especially on the internet and especially about comic books.

Why fans should keep the pressure on Jim Lee to finish SUPERMAN UNCHAINED?  Don’t let history repeat itself.

MAY!  The month of shuffling storylines, timelines and comic book release dates.

Superman fans, are you mourning the cancellation of Adventures of Superman series?

The time jump in Fauxmance #7.  What could it mean?

Why can’t DC Comics with all its experience accomplish a major event in the new 52?

Join Tej and Holli for this marathon show.  Available on iTunes and talkshoe.






G2FACTOR is proud to announce a special segment on April 12th Saturday at 2pm EDT.  G2: HARDCORE will feature Holli and Tej discussing specific Superman storylines and the comic industry behind the scenes from fans’ points of view.  This Saturday we will be analyzing the book that shall not be named, otherwise known as the fauxmance.   Confused about timelines involving the Superman stories?  Tune in Saturday to see if we have it figured out.

On Sunday April 13th, G2FACTOR will still be on at 5pm EDT/4pm CDT discussing ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #50, SMALLVILLE LANTERN #5, and SUPERBOY #30 plus the JUSTICE LEAGUE animation episode IN BLACKEST NIGHT.  As well as whatever else happened through the week that is Superman related.  Join Chris, Kimmie, Tasha and Holli for the same lively talk.

Live chat and streaming for both shows at their respective times.  Downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe after each show.

Sunday, February 23rd at 5pm ET/4pm CT, G2Factor will be talking to Josh Elder, author of Scribblenauts and Wednesday, Feb 26th’s Adventures of Superman #10 Dear Superman (in print).


G2Factor is currently supporting a campaign to get Adventures of Superman #10 into your local Childrens’ hospitals or Childrens’ departments of hospitals.  To find out the hows and whys — here is a post we did on OSCK, our sister blog.  Be Superman

We’ll also be discussing the current Adventures of Superman story as well as Smallville ALIEN by Bryan Q. Miller.

THERE’S EVEN MORE!!!  Be on board with the Superman: Lois Lane #1 tweet-a-thon scheduled for Monday, February 24th from 7pm to 9pm ET.  Use this hashtag:  #GoLois    Let’s get DC Entertainment (Comics) to take notice!  WE CAN DO THIS!


Don’t forget to buy Superman: Lois Lane #1 and Adventures of Superman #10 at your local comic shop on February 26th.  If you can’t get the prints, definitely get the digital versions also available that day.

As always, there is live chat and streaming with downloads available on iTunes and talkshoe.

Hope to see you there this Sunday!


Before listing the highlights of this week’s show on Sunday, let’s take a look at what happened in the past 10 days or so.

And what to our wondering minds did appear but a tweet from Lucas Siegel of Newsarama indicating he follows Holli and Chris.  But wait, there’s more!

@Newsarama 8:37 PM 19 Jul

I interviewed Scott today, got about 4 minutes just on Lois, just for you. 🙂    

@Newsarama 8:40 PM 19 Jul
 No joke, you two were literally mentioned when I was talking to him. Love your passion (and he did too).

(@names have been removed to protect the guilty)

On July 22nd, 2013, the interview appeared on Newsarama about Lois being a hero in Superman Unchained.  Here’s the shout out:

Nrama: Let me ask you this, there’s a large contingent of fans – I’m thinking of a couple in particular that I interact with on Twitter a lot – that really miss from the old universe, the Clark and Lois dynamic, and the way that she helped him in grounding him, in helping him stay “human.” You’ve promised in the past that you want to explore Lois more. What can you tell us to give them some hope?

Snyder: Lois is the second biggest character in the story, or maybe third behind the antagonist. Lois doesn’t just have a role, she has a crucial role in being an investigative reporter. Just as a tease, at the end of Unchained #2, for example, you see Lois is going down in a plane. The common wisdom and expectation is that Superman is going to come save her. But I want to do a Lois story where she is bad-ass and saves everybody else.

I promise when you open up #3, you’ll see there’s a lot of fun Lois stuff that starts there, where she is smarter than everybody around her. All I can say is, I really have no bones about saying to you: this is a huge Lois Lane story. I wouldn’t say that to you if it wasn’t. She has a crucial role in it that is much more than any tiny supporting role. She doesn’t need to be saved. She is the key to unraveling the mystery of Wraith, of Ascension, of everything.

He couldn’t do it without her. I promise you, a lot of Lois and important Lois, and I love writing her.

There are other books, obviously, that will focus on the Superman/Wonder Woman connection and I’m excited about those, but that’s not in my book. I’m not exploring that. This is about the relationship of Superman and Lois. So if that’s what you’ve been missing, come check it out, because it’s in there.

Nrama: Cue the squee!

Snyder: It’s true! My favorite panel of issue 3 is Lois… I don’t want to give it away, I don’t want to explain it too much, I want you guys to see it. But Lois is bad-ass. She’s doing something here and everyone around her is like “what the hell are you doing?” and she just says, “Quiet, I know what I’m doing.” It’s a very “go Lois!” moment. The pilot is even begging her to call Superman and she just says like, “Superman has more important sh** to do. I can handle this.”

That’s what I want. Lois is a hero, and you have to show that.

Thanks to Lucas, Newsarama and Scott Snyder for giving us hope, just like the real Superman.

We have to give credit where credit is due.  Chris is our Communications Director.  She has gotten several ‘scoops’ and continues to do so.   She is the good cop.  Holli is more of the railing against the machine ‘cop.’  😉    Tasha is our Evil Master Genius and a Superman Expert.  Kimmie is our All Things Film and Music as well as a complete Man of Steel fanatic.

Speaking of Scott Snyder, we’re hoping he will be at the Baltimore Comic Con because we want to meet him!  Here’s a few reasons why from interviews about Superman Unchained:

“I’ve tried to put everything that I can into it that I want to explore, about Superman the things that make him the most heroic of characters and the stuff that makes him vulnerable.”

She [Lois] plays a pivotal role in Unchained, too, Snyder says. She and Superman (as Clark Kent) “always have the romantic tension, but at the same time they share an incredibly deep admiration. That is the relationship I’m looking to explore, and you’ll see a parallel between what’s happening in each of their stories and how they inspire each other at different moments.”

“Batman has a different dynamic with his supporting cast in general, but Superman — both as Clark and Superman — is someone who inspires openly and wears his heart on his sleeve in a lot of ways,” Snyder explains. “He’s a leader, but he can both make fun of himself as Clark and also take people to task and throw good one-liners in there, too.”

– above from June 10, 2013 interview in USA Today 

…because they do have a connection, Superman and Lois. And that will never go away. But mostly I wanted to do a book where Lois had a big part because she inspires Superman so tremendously. She’s kind of his human counterpart. She’s always trying to do the right thing and pursue the truth even if there is great peril to herself. They have a connection that goes beyond the fact they want to hook-up or get together, which they do want to, but also they have a deep admiration for each other and that’s part of what the story is about. Lois has a big investigative journalism plot which plays a key role in every issue.

Buzzfeed interview June 7, 2013

Here’s our show from July 28th on talkshoe.  Also available on iTunes


So THIS Sunday join us on talkshoe at 5pmET/4pmCT as we discuss Smallville Season 11 #58, OLYMPUS, and the Adventures of Superman #14.


Also on the docket is Superman Annual #2 — our thoughts about the treatment of Lois Lane in the new 52.  The good, the bad, and, hate to say it, but the ugly.

Remember live chat room and streaming during the show.  Downloads availble on iTunes and talkshoe after the show.

Don’t miss out!


DC Entertainment continues its strong arming of the Superman mythos by shoving the fauxmance at readers hungry for a REAL Superman.  Batman/Superman took no time to make us ragey.   Greg Pak brought the bullship into Earth 2 by having a Wonder Woman attacking and stabbing a Lois Lane.  It does not matter that it may not have been a true Lois, because the imagery is embedded into our brains now.  Apparently, New 52 Superman has ‘always’ had a ‘thing’ for Wonder Woman since he saw her on Earth 2 as he watched her stab an Earth 2 Lois Lane.   Didn’t matter that he found out his counterpart was married to Lois Lane — he basically slobbered over Earth 2 Wonder Woman.   DC Entertainment does not respect Lois Lane nor Wonder Woman for that matter.  Apparently a multi-universal cat-fight over Superman is what they think will sell books.   But in their scenario Wonder Woman will always win because Lois Lane is just a mere human.   Superman’s dual identity is a mockery in the new 52.

Since these new ‘starving’ creators don’t seem to have a backbone and stand up for the true Superman mythology, then we will not review their dictated DC Entertainment plot lines and characterizations.  Dan Didio said at this year’s SDCC that the fauxmance was a centerpiece of the new 52.  He can keep it.  People don’t eat the centerpiece.  So there’s people at the table waiting for the main course and are being told to look at the pretty eugenic centerpiece.  Fans are starving for real Superman stories, but apparently won’t get them in the new 52.

Scott Snyder came out this week and said that he will not be doing the fauxmance in his story/book.   Can we get an Amen?  Mr. Snyder has enough clout to do pretty much as he wishes and he has Co-Pub Jim Lee helping him (so far).  Fans of Superman should rush to get Superman Unchained #1, Superman Unchained #2, and Superman Unchained #1 the Director’s Cut.  Apparently in Superman Unchained #3 coming out in August, Lois Lane plays a crucial and important role as she will throughout the book.  Be sure to show your approval of this story and characterization by putting it on your pull list.

For those of you not caring about the Trinity War — it’s okay, the villains win anyway.  September is Villains Month and there will be no Superman Unchained that month.  October through March will be DC Entertainment’s Forever Evil (like we didn’t know already that this was what the new 52 is all about) arc.  The fauxmance book begins in October as well.  Coincidence?

About the bullship book.  DC Entertainment was downplaying the romantic storyline of the book even though all we’ve seen them do is suck face time and time again like rabid teenagers.   Soule, the co-pubs and Berganza said that it’s an action book.  Apparently Superman and Wonder Woman are too busy fighting villains to get busy.  Fine by us.  Still not buying or reviewing.  Interesting that the first villain to cockblock the power twins will be none other than Faora from the Man of Steel movie.   Cheap shot, DCE.  Not even she could tempt us.

Warning:  Scott Lobdell said he was featuring Lois Lane about 75% in the Superman Annual #2, but what was revealed at SDCC was they did something very bad to Lois.   Was there a doubt?

And Superman #22 by Lobdell is not worth the time to read it.

Superman fans need to ask themselves this question:  Why did Andy Diggle walk off Action Comics?   Was it what DC Entertainment was going to do to Lois Lane?   Diggle is writing Captain America: Living Legend now.  So it’s not as if he can’t write a top icon at one of the big two.   You be the judge.

Join us this Sunday at 5pm ET/4pmCT as we discuss Adventures of Superman #13, Smallville Season 11 #56, and Superman Unchained #1 the Director’s Cut.  Also on the docket is more discussion regarding SDCC ’13 and the Man of Steel film, as always.

Live chatroom and streaming during the show.  Downloads available after the show on talkshoe  and iTunes.

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